Best Baby Food Recipes (Homemade,Tasty & Healthy)

best homemade baby food recipes

You do not need to be expert in cooking to prepare food for your baby.

The processed baby foods that are advertised and shown to be yummy lose their vitamins and nutritional value in being processed.

You will get to know the best homemade baby food recipes in this brilliant article.

Best Homemade Baby Food Recipes

You can prepare more yummy and nutritious foods for your baby as compared to the processed food items.

  1. Banana Puree

Being rich in fiber and potassium, bananas are the perfect food for your baby.

They are easily digestible and usually the first choice of the mothers for their babies. Avoid overdoing it, as it can lead to constipation in young children.

  1. Rice Cereal

Being digestible and non-allergic, rice cereal is another choice for mothers. A thin mixture of rice cereal helps in the transition stage from the liquids to solids.

You can also use oats similarly for babies.

  1. Pea Puree

Peas are rich in Vitamin A, C, protein, iron, calcium, and other nutrients. You can make its puree and better strain it before feeding it to your baby.

  1. Avocado Puree

The Avocado puree is rich in good fats for the baby’s physical and brain development. Babies like the creamy and thick texture of avocado puree.

In order to avoid it getting brown; you can pit its pit in the puree before putting in the refrigerator.

  1. Baked Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. They are equally beneficial for babies as well as elders. Babies like eating them because of their sweet flavor.

You can bake sweet potatoes and make a puree using milk or water. This proves to be a healthy, nutritious food for babies. It contains natural sweet flavor, and you do not need to use additional ones

  1. Carrots Puree

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, antioxidant beta-carotene; they can easily be added to your baby’s meal. Babies like their natural sweetness and pleasing texture.

They can be helpful in improving the eye muscles and eyesight of babies as well as elders. Pediatricians suggest adding carrots in the regular diet of children to improve their height and growth.

When Your Baby is Ready to Take Solids?

According to pediatricians, parents should start giving solid foods to their babies when they are six months old. It is also possible that they reach their required developmental stages even at the age of four months.

Various researchers have proved that babies who have been started given solid food at the age of fourth months; have minimum risk of asthma and other allergies.

You should plan to give solid food to your baby only when he is able to sit upright and likes to take solid food.

You can ask the pediatrician and start giving solid food to your baby.

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Four to Six Months Age

At this age, you try giving single food purees to your little one. This way, you can check and identify some kind of food allergies if there are any.

Once you get sure that your baby is not allergic to any particular food, you can choose to try certain recipes containing more than one ingredient.

Best Homemade Baby Food Recipes For 1 Year Old

Some of the best ideas for a year-old baby are:

  • Baby pasta
  • Spinach nuggets
  • Sticky chicken drumsticks
  • Grilled cheese
  • Popcorn chicken
  • Spinach rolls
  • Brocolli patties
  • Cheese muffins
  • Tropical Avacado pudding

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Making baby food at home is quite satisfying and has endless benefits.

You know what your baby is eating. Moreover, you can also tailor-make baby food as per the preference of your baby.

It’s much easy too.

The best homemade baby food recipes will help you make the tasty food that your baby won’t refuse to eat.

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