Best Games for The Kids to Play (Andriod & iOS)

Best Games for The Kids to Play

It is weird that games that were once regarded as something suitable for children to play are now hardly found to be child-friendly.

There are some best games for the kids to play by which they can have great fun.

If you have searched for the most popular and highest-selling games, you will find them full of explosions, thrashing, and devastation.

You would hardly be able to appreciate them for young children aging from six to twelve years.

The games, even without brutal content, have the mechanics and materials that an average child can hardly understand.

If you try a search for some games other than the bestselling ones, you can find some excellent games for your young kids. There are some amazing apps that offer the best learning. These games are good enough to engage all the family members, and you can have good family time together.

Best Games for The Kids to Play

It is a good idea to find such games that allow partners, and you can play and compete with your children. Even if you do not play, it is fun watching them, a lovely idea to spend a summer afternoon with family.

  • Tynker Coding for Kids (Free & in-app purchases)

This game is easy to play as you have to move the blocks for building your code.

Here you get a variety of coding games and take different courses for learning to code. This allows you to program your own drones. Lego WeDo2.0, the Philips Hue and Lux lighting systems and Sphero, work with this app.

Tynker can be downloaded for free. If you get paid subscription, you can access mobile courses, 350 plus puzzle levels, 18 online courses, your private Minecraft server, and 100 plus guided tutorials.

  • Shapes Toddler Preschool (Free)

This is a good app for preparing kids for preschool.

It has games and puzzles having a variety of numbers, alphabets, shapes, and colors. This app has easy to use controls, and a child can easily click anywhere without getting out of the game. This app can be played in four different ways, which are helpful for educational purposes.

This app has featured over thirty categories, including colors, shapes, number, and symbols. Shapes Toddler Preschool has games, puzzles, and flashcards to make learning interesting.

  • Endless Alphabet ($9 for iOS, free Android)

This app is an interesting, unique, and educational app to teach ABCs to kids. For teaching kids, this app uses colorful and adorable monsters and helps them building vocabulary.

This app has fifty-plus words to learn and explore, each having interactive puzzles with short animations and talking letters. They are designed to explain the definitions.

Endless Alphabet is an engaging app for young kids without any being stressed or pressurized.

  • Super Why! ($3 for iOS, $1 for Android)

This app has characters the famous show BPS.

This app has three games having different leading characters.

The character Alpha Pig is helped my kids to follow the paths of alphabets for creating words. Princess Presto puts different words for kids to trace and learn to write. The character Wonder Red teaches kids to find rhyming words.

There are interactive storybooks in this app, teaching children to plug in the right words for completing sentences.

Best Games Apps For the 10-Year-Old Kids to Play

These include

  • Froggipedia
  • Marble Math
  • Box Island
  • A Dark Room
  • Duolingo
  • Terraria
  • Kudos

Useful Read Impressive Mobile Android Apps for Toddlers


Being parents of a teen, there are some challenges for finding safe and quality games apps for them.

It is essential o that the kids can navigate the online world safely

The best games for the kids to play will make your kid enjoy and educate them too. This way, they will get excellent opportunites to learn.

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