Best Learning Apps for Kids [Toddlers and Preschoolers]

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Children can understand, and they know how to use technology from the early years of age. They can operate tablets and smartphones in a correct manner.

The best learning apps for kids are quite impressive for the child’s development.

They can even use these educational apps much before they are able to speak.

There is a huge variety of available free kindergarten apps on different platforms.

But this point should not be ignored that all of these apps are not suitable for children.

Best Learning and Educational Apps for Kids

Here are some of the appropriate apps for young kids; some may appear to be silly, but there are educational apps as well.  They all are safe for kids, and they can have fun using them. In-app purchases are important features of the games.

If your kids are young enough to understand how to decline a purchase offer, it is better that you make sure that your child does not access your account password. Otherwise, this can really be troublesome for you.

  • Nancy Drew Codes and Clues Mystery Coding Game (Free)

This app can be very helpful in learning the very basics of coding.

This app does not only teach code, but the child has to use it as well to follow the story properly. This interactive app improves the skill of reading comprehension in kids.

Not only educative, but kids also enjoy finding the clues for solving the mystery.

This app teaches in different patterns like loops, sequences, algorithm thinking, and pattern recognition. It offers the first chapter for free, and you get the complete game on a one-time payment of 4$.

  • Bee-Bot (free)

This app is suggested for young kids of four years or up.

It teaches children directional language as well as programming. Children use arrows to move on four sides, consisting of 12 levels, is good to improve your learning speed to get more stars.

  • Think & Learn Code-a-pillar (Free/$4)

In this game, you have to help code-a-pillar, a small caterpillar to make his way to the ending point of the maze. It helps children to learn planning and problem-solving.

They have to think harder and harder to cross the obstacles to reach the next level.

  • Kodable – Coding For Kids (Free/in-app purchases)

This game is designed for teaching the subject of computer science to children of four to eleven years of age. Children have to assist some furry aliens in crossing the maze and in exploring a planet named Smeeborg.

Advanced technical knowledge is not required to play this game.

The aim of this app is to teach young children to think in the pattern of programming. This is only an iPad compatible app. It teaches concepts like variables, subclasses, and syntax.

  • Rosetta Stone Kids (Free)

Lingo Letter Sounds is an interesting app for pre-schoolers to learn how to speak and read. Parents who want to teach more languages can take help from this app.

The Rosetta Stone app emphasizes reading skills in the English language; at the same time, it introduces Spanish. Children have to learn and use Spanish words to get the command of various characters in order to save the trapped boys.

Thus, in an interesting manner, children are made to speak Spanish.

Best Learning and Educational Apps For Kindergarten Kids

These include:

  • Montessori early reading
  • Toca tea party
  • Starfall ABC’s
  • Minichess by Kasparov
  • Homer


You can make every moment a marvelous learning opportunity for your kids. Technology helps kids in many ways.

Smartphones, tablet, laptops, and other devices are not only for entertainment.

They can offer a wealth of information to your kiddos.

You can install the best learning and educational apps for kindergarten kids in your smartphone and let your child enjoy and learn through it.

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