Best Mobile Android Apps for Toddlers [Top 7 Learning Apps]

Best Mobile Android Apps for Toddlers

There is a large variety of apps present on Google.

It is easier for adults to choose what they want in-app purchases or not.

Most of the apps for young kids are paid apps. The best mobile android apps for toddlers educate your kids in an easy and interesting manner.

They can be a good source of entertainment for them as well.

Best Android Apps for Toddlers

  • YouTube Kids

There is a wide range of helpful channels for kids on YouTube Kids.

There is a large variety of educational and entertainment videos for children.

Children find it easier to conduct searches with the speech-enabled search. They can explore and find videos of their own choice easily.

This app is secure because it does not show ads. Kids can learn to unpack their toys and play with them.

Children can get addicted to these videos on account of their interesting content. It is lamentable that parental settings for timer do not work effectively on it.

  • ABC Kids

ABC Kids is an interesting and easy-peasy app for kids to learn the basics.

Young children copy the alphabets, and app sound tells the name of the alphabet.

It has a game which matches the upper and lowers case alphabets. There is a large variety of colorful pictures of animals and territories.

This can be a valuable source of amusement for kids. An interesting feature of this app is that kids cannot turn it off. It is free because it has no in-app purchases and ads. It is a commendable app for young kids.

  • Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case

Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case for the iPhone is an interesting one.

There are different colors and shapes on the screen which kids can remove by touching them.

New colored shapes appear on the screen.

There is an interesting keyboard which the kids can play with songs of different colors and shapes.

This app is more for entertainment than teaching the colors and shapes very clearly.

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  • App Family

App Family is another studio on the Google Play that makes interesting apps for kids. It has a large variety of games, apps, and materials for kids aged 1 to 10 years of age.

Most of the games are related to entertainment than education.

They have easy mechanisms. They are easy to play with taps and swapping.

There are some jigsaw and normal puzzle games. Free versions of the games along with some in-app purchases are available in this app.

  • PBS

Kids are inquisitive by nature, and they love watching videos and searching for them.

Still, it is not appreciated to allow them to search for anything on any search engine.PBS is an interesting app that makes kids to mind if they go for searching for something not appropriate for them.

Kids can enjoy its Play and Learn app.

  • Drawing for Kids

Drawing for kids is an interesting app that has coloring and drawing games. Kids can copy and trace different animals on one of its modes. It has a collection of thirty things for kids for tracing and coloring.

It has interesting sound effects and animations that can attract kids and keep them engaged for long. Children can learn to be creative in an interesting manner.

There are no in-app purchases, and this app is free. Another significant thing is that the developers of this app have various other top-ranked apps for young kids, which must be checked.

  • Storybook Rhymes Volume 1

Storybook Rhymes Volume 1 is an Apptivity app.

It has popular poems like ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.’ It has a fascinating feature that kids can sing the poems along with the app or they can play or read the poems.

Kids can make different sounds by tapping on the screens when the play mode is on. This is also one of those apps that have entertainment feature more than the educational one.

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Best Free Android Mobile Learning Apps For Toddlers

Some of them are:

  • HomeWork
  • Famigo Sandbox
  • iStory Books
  • 0-10 Numbers
  • Steamy Window
  • Classic Simon

Screen Time Suitable For Toddlers

The present-day endorsement is that you should keep the screen time for your toddlers within a particular limit. Kids can be made to learn from the iPad at two years of age, even at this age, it is better to maintain some limits in using screens.

Before, the time should be kept limited to two hours maximum. You can utilize devices like smartphones, iPads, and android by engaging in activities with your kids.

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Last Words

Before you download an app, it is advised that you check that the apps are safe for children.

Young kids usually tap on any popping windows on the screen.

It is important that in-app purchases are turned off. This can protect your child from making some in-app purchases.

All in all, the best mobile android apps for toddlers are perfect for your kids.

Also, have a look at the brilliant educational apps for kids.

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