Different Types of Parenting Styles and Their Impact

different types of parenting styles

No doubt, parenting is a bit difficult, but there are different types of parenting styles, and you will surely explore some impressive variations and styles by knowing about them.

Thre are some commonalities and variations in the way the parents raise their children.

Different Types of Moms Parenting Styles

Parenting styles are the strategies that are used to raise the children.

These types include

Authoritarian Parenting

They are considered to be disciplinarians.

  • This way involves parenting with a strict style and very little negotiation. Punishment is much common in this type.
  • Communication here is from parent to child.
  • There are high expectations and limited flexibility.
  • There is no parent-child discussion.
  • Furthermore, it involves consistent upholding of rules.

Permissive Parenting

It is also called indulgent parenting.

  • They allow their children to do what they desire. It involves high parental responsiveness and low behavior control.
  • Such a parent offers limited guidance and is like friends.
  • These parents follow limited or no rules.
  • They allow their children to solve their issues in their own way.
  • They don’t give directions and allows the children to decide for themselves.
  • Parents encourage independent thinking.
  • They are nurturing and warm.
  • Moreover, they set minimal or no expectations.

Uninvolved Parenting

These parents stay out of the way of their children and give them much freedom.

Some parents of making a conscious decision to parent this way whole others are unsure and less interested in parenting.

  • It involves using no particular discipline style.
  • Parents allow their child to do what they desire.
  • There is limited communication.
  • Parents offer much little nurturing.
  • Children have few or no expectations.

This is also referred to as the neglecting parents. The parents are mentally disengaged int the lives of their children. Thus they neglect their emotional needs.

Authoritative Parenting

  • Such parents are nurturing and reasonable.
  • They have high expectations.
  • Children of such parents are self-disciplined.
  • This is considered to be the most beneficial style for children.
  • The rules are cleared by the parents. Moreover, they explain the reason behind the rules to their children.
  • There is frequent communication which is according to the level of understanding of children.
  • Children can have input into the goals.

This parenting style gives positive outcomes. It results in good emotional control, impressive social skills, and brilliant academic performance.

Such parent shaves a flexible mind. They encourage their children to give and take discussions.

Attachment Parenting

  • The parents and child form a strong emotional bond in this type of parenting.
  • These parents avoid corporate punishment. They believe in homeschooling.
  • Such parents are sensitive and respond immediately to the needs of their children. This way, they make their child more secure, peaceful, and empathic.
  • Children who get this type of parenting are much cooperative with their parents. Moreover, they have higher self-esteem ad resilient under stress.
  • They are much flexible too.

Unconditional Parenting

It involves accepting the child no matter what the child says or how he/she behaves.

This is necessary to get the child to have unhindered self-actualization. Due to this, the children learn that they aren’t loved for what they do and are love for what they are.

Helicopter Parenting

  • Such parent interferes in the lives of their children to ensure their security and safety. This much interfering sometimes results in smothering.
  • Kids with such parents become dependent on the advice, time, and money of their parents.
  • It compromises the personal growth of the child.
  • Such a parent keeps their children quite close to them.
  • They follow overprotective strategies. They are afraid of any harm that reaches to their children, and because of this, they keep tight control.

Spiritual Parent

This is also referred to as holistic parenting.

  • It involves giving child space to develop his own belief.
  • Thus the best way to raise the child is by example. You need to be a role model for your child.

Narcissistic Parenting

Such parents have a thirst for external recognition due to which they use their kids as a means to live out the fantasies which they never got.

Thus this parenting strategy consists of control mechanisms that parent use to make their child pursue their goals. Due to this, the is the child most done get enough space to discover his two potentials.

Slow Parenting

This is also called nurturant parenting.
Here slow means doing everything at a right speed.

Such parents allow the children to take certain risks. This way, the children know their abilities and limitations in a better way.

Toxic Parenting

You can consider it as a blanket term for all poor parenting styles.

  • This is the parenting style in which the needs of the parents come before the child, and it results in poisoning the child.
  • Toxic parenting results in disruption of the self-image of the child. This is because the child starts thinking that the abusive behavior of his parents is due to the reflection of their worth.
  • Such children most often struggle with guilt complexes and have a poor self-esteem level.

Different Types of Parenting Styles: What are their Characteristics and Impact?

Parenting styles influence the development of adolescents and allow adolescents themselves.

It is considered to be an appropriate parenting style as it provides a balance between support and affection. This way, adolescents can have a sense of autonomy under the parent’s limits.

Combination Parenting Styles

It is also possible that each parent uses a different parenting style for the benefit of advice development.

To do this, parents need to discuss and plan on the things that both will agree and disagree upon.

All parenting styles can affect the kids in both positive and negative ways.

For example, helicopter parents can be much effective for the child during the infancy period but could result in negative ways in the adolescences.

Also, parents need to get upon a parenting style considering the personality of the individual adolescent.

Final Words

All parents intend to get the best for their kids.  For this, you need to go with the carefully analyzed techniques and labels.

Altogether, it is essential to know about different types of parenting styles.

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