Easy Arts and Crafts For Kids (To Do at Home & School Ideas)

Easy Arts and Crafts For Kids

Sometimes parents want to have some craft work with their kids without having any trip to markets for various items.

It is good to keep your engaged kids in easy crafts, especially on some rainy day.

You can keep them involved in amazing and DIY toys. Kids learn and develop motor skills with numbers and colors.

Easy Arts and Crafts For Kids

Art and crafts provide an interesting way of keeping your kids engaged.

You can keep them engaged in the activities that revolve around their new learning and explorations.

The art projects mentioned here have an educational purpose as well.

  • Tube Town

Paint the tubes in fresh, bright colors and leave to get dried. Prepare a point by making angled cuts on one end of the tube.

Cut scrapbook paper in 3 inches and 31/2 inches pieces, you can make it the pointed and set it as a rooftop on the pointed end of the tube. Use a sticky glue to keep it secure on a place.

You can make a rectangular shaped door by making two cuts.

Stick a bead to look like a doorknob. You can draw windows on a colored sheet, cut them and attach to the cottage with a glue stick. Use a paper strip to fold as a chimney and paste it on the rooftop. Your tube town is ready.

  • Tin Foil Art

You can get idea new ideas from ‘Kids Activities Blogs’ for your kids to learn new forms of art, with pencils, markers, and wax crayons. Instead of using a paper, your kids learn to use tin foil.

Writing on one side of the paper creates an embossed effect and then by flipping it over the foil piece.

  • Crushed Chalk Art

‘Creative Playhouse’ suggests using leftover pieces of chalk.

You can make drawings using white glue and then spread crushed colored chalks to make interesting pictures.

  • Cheerio Acorns

Draw an acorn using a marker and make your kid trace the marker lines with glue. This tracing proves to be very helpful in building hand muscles of the child needed later for writing.

You need to make sure that kids don’t eat all the Cheerios before drawings.

  • Salt Painting

This is an interesting art activity for young kids. Kids can draw various shapes by using glue; then they sprinkle salt on these shapes to stick to the glue.

More fun can be added by coloring salt with water paints and making colorful salt paintings.

  • Make a Wizard Wand

It is easy and handy to make a wizard wand, all the materials to be used to likely to be present in your art stock. You would need to use a paper, paint, dowel pin and hot glue gun.

Supervise your kids while using a hot glue gun. Apply glue on paper sticking it to bottom of the dowel and roll it up for gripping.

With the help of glue, gun mark twirls on the stick and paint it in the end. To make a woody effect mix golden and brown paints together. Kids love playing with wands believing them to magical ones.

  • Paper Plate Sea Animal

Kids enjoy using paper plates in their art activities.

They need to draw some sea animals, or you can draw for them. Tell them to cut the shapes using round-tipped scissors. Instead of regular painting, it is suggested that kids should use dot paints. They just need to ‘dot on’ the paints.

  • Ice Cream Sticks Photo Frame

Childhood pictures of your children are memorable for you. Kids love watching their pictures. All you need to collect some favorite picture of your kid and a few ice cream sticks already present in the house.

Make a square by attaching edges of the four ice cream sticks.

Paste the picture on a colored sheet and stick it inside the hollow square of the frame. Kids love to keep these frames in their rooms.

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  • Vegetable Drawing

This activity can help in improving the motor skills of young kids.

Easiest one is to cut okra, touch its tip on paint and make a flower on a paper. Such flower shapes are also present inside tomatoes for such drawings. ,

You can make potato stamps with your kids. You can engrave some flower or a star on half-cut potato, make your kid dip it in some paint and use it as a stamp on a piece of paper.

  • Fork Firework

Your kids are quick to learn new skills like fork skill. Get some fresh colored paint and dip the fork tines in it. You can help your kid to stamp it on a piece of paper, thus creating fork fireworks.


You can teach a new skill to your kids by using these projects. This will help them to explore the world on a small scale.

You can easily prepare adorable small cottages by using corrugated board tubes.

Altogether, the easy arts and crafts for kids will help them learn and explore more.

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