Homemade Baby Food

There are different views about the suitable time for starting to feed a baby. Even parents can choose different times of starting to feed their babies. They may begin as early as three months age of their baby or they may wait until the sixth month.

It’s interesting to note that the growth of these babies is equally normal. It does not mean that this decision is not a significant one but it suggests that there is not one accurate answer. It is parents’ choice what they find to be nutritionally essential for their babies. There can be certain modifications according to the taste that babies enjoy more.

Parents are advised to consult the pediatricians before starting solid or semi-solid food to their kids. Non-organic food can be high in hormones and pesticides it is safer to choose organic food for the babies.

Homemade Baby Food

Some good and tried recipes are given here for parents to have a good choice.

1) Bananas

When it comes to starting feeding food to babies, mashed bananasusually come first. They are sweet flavored, soft textured and do not cause allergies.

2) Teething Biscuits

They are the first fun food for kids. It is good that you make these biscuits in the home. Teething biscuits are good for babies older than 8 months. You should supervise your baby while enjoying these biscuits.

3) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a good choice for whole grains cereals. It contains fiber, omega-3, manganese and fatty acids. You can cook it in enough water, diluted with formula milk or breast milk. Simply mash it and feed it to your baby. For babies of seven months of age or less, you can make its puree.

4)  Avocado

Avocados make a great choice for blending with different vegetables like squash, spinach, or carrots to improve the nutritional value. Avocados are rich in wholesome monounsaturated fats. They help in absorbing lycopene, beta-caroteneand wholesome carotenoid antioxidants. You can feed avocados to six months old babies or older.

5) Apple and Cabbage Baby Food

Babies love the sweet flavor of raisins and apples. For feeding them to your baby, peel and grate a sweet golden apple, finely chopped red cabbage one cup, water ¼ cup and golden raisins 2 cups. Boil them all together in a saucepan, and let it simmer for ten minutes. You can choose to blend it properly or puree it.

6)  Organic Apple Sauce puree

It is a great food for young babies of 6 months of age or older. It is best that you prepare this sauce at home. You can choose to keep it organic without adding salts or sugars.

7) Pear Sauce

It can also be a delicious sweet treat for your young babies. You can prepare a tasty pear sauce for your babies of six months of age or older.

8)  Beets

Beets are full of useful nutrients like Vitamin A& C, fiber and folate. It is a suitable food for little older babies of 8 months of age or more. You can choose to steam it mashed or diced for serving to your baby.

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