How To Get a Baby To Stop Crying? (Best Tips For Parents)

How To Get a Baby To Stop Crying

Young babies are completely dependent on their moms for their warmth, food, and comfort. He communicates most of his needs through crying and expects your timely response.

At times it becomes difficult for moms to do their work because of the baby’s constant desire for being taken care of. Thus this guide on how to get a baby to stop crying will be much helpful for such moms.

How To Get a Baby To Stop Crying?

With developing age, he can learn other modes of communication like smiling, improved eye contact, and be making noises. Until then; some tips can be helpful for you.

He Cries Because He is Hungary

Most of the time, it is hunger that makes your baby cry. Newborns tend to cry more than older babies. Younger babies keep feeling hungry quite often because their small stomachs cannot store enough food.

You can offer him feed on demand by offering him breastfeed; even it has not been long since he was fed last time.

A baby being fed on formula milk does not need another feed before two hours. If some infants do not finish their formula feed, they should often be given smaller quantities.

Colic can also be a reason for the constant crying of your baby. He can show his agitation by clenching his fists by drawing up his knees or arching his back.

At times, this colic is caused due to intolerance of some ingredient present in formula or breast milk.

Hold Me Up

The strong need and desire to be assured of your care physical touch and cuddling can make your little one cry quite often. You can guess from his crying that he wants you to hold him up.

You can provide him comfort by singing and swaying for a while.

A baby can get comfort from being close to you, feeling your warmth, smell, and your heartbeats.

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How to Handle Him if He Still Keeps Crying?

Gradually you can learn about your baby’s choices; you can learn more about him with time if giving feed or cuddling does not soothe him.

Massage Him Gently

You can give him a soothing massage using some massage oil you can rub his back or give him a clockwise massage on his tummy.

If you massage him in routine, it is possible that he becomes less fussy and cries less.

You should choose the massage time wisely; you can massage him when he is relaxed. If he starts crying, you should stop the massage because he does not like.

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Change His Feeding Posture

Some babies may start crying when they are being fed. If your baby takes the breastfeed, you can hold him close to make him have his feed in a calm manner, and he is likely to stop crying.

You consult some health counselor to guide you about different positions to feed your baby.

Some babies inhale air with their feed and start being troubled by colic. You can choose an upright posture to feed these babies.

Always burp him after the feed by gentle rubbing or patting his back. If he continues crying after the feed, maybe he needs to be fed more.

Give Him Something to Suck

You can give him something to suck to relax him you can let him suck your breast even after the feed. You can also offer him your clean knuckle or finger to suck on.

A Warm Bath may Help

It is also one of the tried and tested ways to soothe the young babies. Before bedtime, a warm bath can make your baby feel comforted.

Be careful to maintain the proper temperature of the water, before putting him into the bathtub. The temperature should approximately be 37-39 degrees.

You can check the water temperature by dipping your elbow into the warm water. All babies do not like being given a bath; some of them can start crying when they find themselves in water.

How To Get a Baby To Stop Suddenly Crying Inconsolably?

Play Some Continuous Sound

When he was in your uterus, he was always listening to your heartbeats.

Being familiar with your heartbeat may make him listen to it again, you can hold him close to your heartbeats.

He can even feel comfortable listening to the sounds he had heard before. Sound as those of a vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, or even washing constant machine sound may provide him with a soothing rhythm.

Rock Him

Gentle rocking can help you soothe your baby. He may enjoy being rocked in some baby swing, in his rocking chair or being carried by you during a walk.

You can soothe him by taking him out in his pram, or you can give him a car ride.

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According to research, this crying is normal, and this stage is called the period of PURPLE crying. It is tough to manage babies who cry quite often and are harder to be soothed, and you can use some tips to handle such cases.

You can also soothe your baby by holding him up for a longer period.

Moms need to explore all the choices of their babies to soothe them.

They can try different ways to soothe their babies and to carry them on.

Thus they should know how to get a baby to stop crying who is suddenly crying inconsolably.

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