How To Get Boogers Out of Newborn’s Nose?

How To Get Boogers Out of Newborn’s Nose

It is tough to see your newborn struggling to breathe due to the blocked nose.

Due to his stuffed nose, your baby cannot properly eat and even breathe.

You can opt for some useful tips on how to get boogers out of a newborn’s nose to help him breathe easier.

Boogers in the nose can cause him to feel sick. No mom likes to see her child in pain. You cannot relieve him with any medicine because he is too young for that.

How To Get Boogers Out of Newborn’s Nose?

Your newborn can only breathe through his nose until he is two months of age.

Whenever his nose is blocked, it can cause serious problems like distressed respiration, disturbed sleep, and troubled feeding.

This stuffiness is usually caused due to virus attacks in cold weather. Or it can be resulted due to some allergy to soy or milk or infection in the upper respiratory tract.

Normal Saline Solution

You can get the normal saline solution from any drugstore to clean your baby’s stuffy nose. You can opt to buy a saline solution in a spray bottle.

Make your baby sit in an upright position. You can spray the solution in both nostrils one by one. Now you can lay him on the pillow in such a manner that his head in a lower position than his body, making the solution to flow into his nose.

You can also pour saline drops into his nostrils and lay him down on the pillow for a while, allowing his head to be lower than his body.

You can prepare this saline solution at home by mixing a pint of salt to eight ounces of distilled water. You can use this solution in the same manner.

The saline solution helps to loosen the phlegm stuffed in your kiddo’s nose. It can stimulate him to sneeze; that brings the mucus out of his nose.

Nasal Pump

After pouring saline drops into your baby’s nose, you can try using a nasal pump to suck out the clogged mucus.

This pump is a bulb-shaped with a pointed opening.

You can squeeze the pump, insert in your baby’s nostril to block the air, and then release it slowly.

It sucks the mucus from your baby’s nostrils you can repeat this, a couple of times.

You can throw away the collected mucus and wash it thoroughly afterward.

These days mom got lucky to have such a convenient option at home; to clear their baby’s nose easily. For several years, parents had to take their kids to hospitals for getting the nasal mucus removed with nasal aspirators.

The Nose Frida

It a large tube that is placed on the lower side of your baby’s nose. There is another small plastic tube attached to it; you can suck the mucus from baby’s nose with it.

There is a sieve between these tubes to keep the mucus separated from your mouth, ensuring it to be hygienic.

You can wash it later with soap and warm water.

There are some battery operated aspirators are also available in the market. You should use the saline solution or these pumps before feeding your baby.

Otherwise, he can spit out his feed. Getting the nostrils cleared of mucus helps the baby to have his meal easily.

How to Get Hard and Dry Boogers Out of a Newborn Baby’s Nose?

You clear the stiffness in the nose of your baby by running a cool-mist humidifier in his room. This will add some moisture in the room.

You can hold your baby in a steamy bathroom to get boogers out of his nose.


The nasal passage of newborns is a bit narrower.

Boogers in the nose can cause stuffy breathing for your baby.

The clean nasal cavity allows your baby to have a restful sleep and adequate nutrition. Moreover, the baby feels much comfortable.

Thus you can help your newborn baby breath easily if you know how to get boogers out of a newborn baby’s nose.

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