How to Help a Breastfed Newborn Baby Poop Easier?

how to help a newborn poop

Mothers are most often busy in changing the diaper of their newborns.

For their newborn not pooping or peeing, they are stressful and want a solution to how to help a newborn poop easier.

How to Help Newborn Baby Poop Easier?

Constipation is rare in the newborn. But it might happen that your newborn poop fewer than normal in the early weeks. This indicates constipation.

In such cases, you might witness a change in the bowel movement of your baby.

The poop in the diaper won’t look similar to you during the bowel movements.

Seeing less poop than usual indicates that your newborn is in pain during the bowel movement.

Different Brand Formula

For formula-fed babies try using any other brand formula.


For newborn of fewer than two months of age, give them more food as they will benefit from it because of an increase in the fluid intake.


Give apples, pear or prune juice to the baby of more than one month of age. The sugar in the juice acts as a laxative and softens stool.

Glycerine Suppositories

Use a small tube of glycerine and place them in the anus of the newborn. This draws water into the intestine. Avoid using the glycerine suppositories without the advice of a doctor.

Mom’s Diet

A change in the diet of mom could also help in the constipation of the newborn.


Hold the baby’s feet and move them like that of riding a bicycle.

This pressure between the tummy and thighs of the baby will result in a bowel movement.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar works best for a newborn.

Dissolve it in water and make it drink to the baby with a dropper.

Warm Bath

This relaxes the muscles and helps in constipation.

Also, be ready while giving a warm bath to the newborn as the baby might poo in the bath too.

Visit Doctor

If any of the above correctives don’t work for you, then do visit a doctor right away. Constipation results in a blockage of the bowel. This results in some other health problems too.

How Many Times Does a Newborn Baby Poop?

The formula drinking baby has a bowel movement once in a day in the initial days.

Breastfeeding babies can go for some days without pooping too. This is because milk is used in the growth of the baby, and due to this, it doesn’t end up in the diaper.

Symptoms of Constipation in Breastfed Babies

The symptoms include:

  • Less pooping
  • Hard poop in the diaper
  • The baby is in pain during pooping and cries
  • Dry stool
  • Bad smell
  • Hard belly
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Irritability

If your newborn spits up more than normal, then she is most probably constipated.


The formula-fed babies are constipated due to the milk protein intolerance.

The other cause is a pain. A baby having constipation doesn’t pass stool as he expects pain. Thus this problem gets worse because he delays toileting.

Lack of fluid in the diet also causes constipation.

How to Help a Newborn Baby Poop With Massage?

Start massaging your baby in a calm and quiet environment. Also, get a good quality baby massage oil or cream.

Remember the following points before massaging your baby.

Avoid massaging the baby before or after a meal. Also, don’t message when the baby is in need of a nap.

Remove any object or jewelry that might irritate or rub the skin of the baby.

Place the baby in a warm or soft towel on the bed.

Rub the oils or cream on your hands and warm them

If the bay doesn’t like massage, then stop it right away.

Tummy Spirals

Place forefinger near the belly button of the baby and move the fingers in a clockwise direction.

Start circling gently from a single finger and they press with the whole palm.

Finish with holding the tummy of the baby.

Move your hands in a clockwise motion while doing tummy spirals. This helps in creating internal movements as it follows the line of digestion of baby.

Toes to Nose Massage

Place the feet of the baby together and hold them. Then move the towards the nose of the baby.


Straighten the legs fo the baby and the move the hips from one side to another.

This squeezes the digestive system and helps in constipation.

Newborn Not Peeing or Pooping For Two Days

The newborn does not drink much milk during the initial days outside the womb.

The baby will start with a very small amount of milk, and due to this might not pee or poop a lot.

During the first 24 hours of the newborn baby, he/she might urinate only once.

On day two, the baby can pee twice.
On day three, you can expect to have 3 wet diapers from your sweetie.

If you find your newborn not pooping for a few days, then its nothing to worry but not peeing for some days is stressful.

No pee refers to a sign of dehydration. Do consult your doctor immediately in such a case.

Newborn Not Pooping But Passing Gas

Babies become gassy when air gets trapped in their belly.

The gas creates stomach pain. This gas doesn’t bother much to the baby, but the baby becomes a bit restless and is unable to sleep until and unless this gas is passed out. Some babies keep crying in such conditions. Also, the baby has a hard tummy.

You can make your baby feel better in such condition by following these steps.

  • Check the feeding positions of the baby.
  • Ease the baby by burping her after and during feeding.
  • Try changing the bottle of the formula feed. Some gas gets trapped in the bottle and causes discomfort to the baby.
  • Massage the baby by rubbing her tummy.


It is quite frustrating and confusing when you find your newborn not pooping or peeing.

In initial years, the newborn pass through some big changes. They move, grow, explore, and eat new stuff.

Sometimes the issue is with the formula feeding.

The parents are upset and most often ask how to help newborn baby poop easier.

By following some manageable guidelines, you can get your newborn poop easily.

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