How to Lose Weight For Kids Fast and Safely?

How to Lose Weight For Kids

Children all over the world are facing obesity at a higher rate. This also leads to type II diabetes and high cholesterol in children when they grow up.

If you know how to lose weight for kids, then you can easily do one of the best things for your kids.

Well, there is no easy and quick way to do so.

You will need to modify their lifestyle and eating habits and be an impressive weight watcher for your kids.

Read on the article to know the best weight loss tips and make the kid diets that work.

How to Lose Weight For Overweight Kids Safely?

There is a lot that you need to do for your overweight child so that he/she looks smart. You need to make them eat well and be active.

The most important ways by which you can make your overweight kid loose weight safely include:

Being a Good Role Model

No doubt, children learn by seeing others. They will do exactly what they see you doing. Thus this way you can set a fantastic example for them.

Make a practice of going for a walk daily. Furthermore, you can play with your children in the park or enjoy swimming with them. This is not only healthy but also an enjoyable activity.

Small Changes

One thing to be kept in mind before making changes in your kid’s lifestyle is that these change need not be too tough for your kid. You can start by making small changes. Also, they will accept these changes if the whole family is involved in it.

Be Active

An hour of physical activity is best for good health. It is not necessary to do in a single complete hour. Several short 10-20 minutes activities throughout the day will work too.

For younger children, such activities can be in the forms of playground swings, ball games, see-saws, climbing frames, and chasing games.

On the other hand, older children can be skateboarding, martial arts, skipping, swimming, and dancing.

Child-Sized Portions

Don’t feed your child the oversized portions.

The best way to do is to give small meals to your children in the start and then serve them more if they ask.

Also, don’t make them eat more than they desire to.

Less Screen Time

You need to make the screen time of your children less. They should not spend much time lying down.

Siting or lying down increases weight. Put a limit on the time they watch TV or play video games. They should not watch TV for more than two hours per day.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

Children require some nutrition daily to develop and grow at a normal pace. While making a diet plan for your overweight child, you need to be careful and be sure that you aren’t restricting the calorie intake of your child.

The number of calories that a child need is dependent on his age

The kid from age 2-3 should have 1000-4000 calories per day.

While the children of age 4-8 should not have more than 2000 calories per day.

For the boys of age 9-13, the calories intake per day should be 1800-2600 calories per day. While for the girls of age 4-8, it should be 1600-2000 calories per day.

Overweight Child Diet Plans

The following things are included in a 1200 calories meal plan

  • 1.5 cup of veggies
  • 2.5 cups of dairy foods
  • 1 cup of fruits
  • 4-ounce grains
  • Four teaspoon oil
  • 3 pounces protein food

This can also have 121 extra calories.

How to Lose Belly Fat For Kids?

Belly fat is a big nuisance and is seriously harmful too. This fat type is Kwon as visceral fat. It is the main risk factor for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Eat Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber forms a gel and helps in weight loss. This is because it slows down the food passing through the digestive system. This way, you feel full and avoid eating more.

Avoid Eating Food That With Trans Fat

Such type of fat is formed by pumping hydrogen into the unsaturated fat. This is mostly found in the spread and packaged foods.

It also causes insulin resistance, inflammation, and heart diseases.

Eat High Protein Diet

You need to make your kids eat a high protein diet.  This is because high intake of proteins decreases appetite. This happens due to to the releases of the fullness hormones PYY.

How to Lose Baby Fat on Face?

Losing baby fat on the face is a great challenge that requires an aggressive workout and a strict diet plan. Losing baby face slims down the face.

Well targetting any specific part of the body to slim is a bit difficult. This is because body fat is not burnt from a specific area. The fat cells are in the whole body,

Facial Fat and Aging

Much of the face fat usually diminishes with age. You need a bit of patience for this process. There is a protein called collagen, which promotes skin elasticity.

Genetic Features

Baby fat also comes with genetic features and facial shapes. Genetics can’t be changed with exercise and diet.

Getting Rid of Fat

A healthy weight loss can be achieved by a fantastic food diet and more and more exercise. The face shrinks in proportion as the whole body loses weight.

Use an online calculator and have a look at the number of daily intake calories that are needed for a healthy life.  Then form a calorie deficit that increases the burn rate.

Facial Excercise

Facial exercise does improve the strengths of muscles. Do add them to your children daily routine to make their face appear slimmer.

One of the most popular and effective exercises is puffing out the cheeks. Then push the air from one side to other. Puckle the lips on different sides and hold the smile for several seconds.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water helps in losing facial fat. Water makes you feel full and thus helps in weight loss.

Drinking water from time to time in a day increases metabolism by 24%. This increase the number of calories burnt on the whole day, and this boosts weight loss.

Altogether, staying hydrated prevents puffiness and bloating on the face.

Control Sodium Intake

Excessive sodium intake results in bloating and result in facial swelling and puffiness. This sodium results in fluid retention as it holds the extra water of the body.

How to Lose Weight For Kids of Age 10 to 11 Years?

It is essential to consider that the kids of age 10 to 11 year are still growing. While growing, the body adds muscle mass, bone mass, and additional tissues to support the increasing height.

These things also increase weight.

Reduce Food Temptations

To reduce weight for kids, make sure you keep the processed snacks and tempting sweets out of the home. While doing family grocery shopping, avoid being the bakery items and stick to the fruit, veggies, and low dairy food.

Avoid Skipping Meals

Skipping meals, although it seems a fast way to lose weight but can result in missing the required nutrients in 10-11-year-old kids.

Weight Loss Tips For Child

  • Daily exercise
  • Less sugar intake
  • Fun filled physical activities and daily exercise
  • Proper meal plans
  • More protein intake
  • Minimize sugar and salt
  • More water
  • Good sleep
  • Eat low-glycemic diet
  • Eat more and more fruits and veggies
  • Avoid starchy carbs
  • Focus emotional health too
  • Avoid late night eating
  • Avoid skipping meals or under eating

Final Words

The overweight kids most often have high BMI too.

You need to make your overnight weight kids lose weight as these problems continue in adulthood also. Many other health problems are associated with obesity too.

Obesity and overweight are a big problem not only for adults but for kids too. Making healthier choices can help you lose your overweight child’s weight.

Fill your kitchen with the right food and make your child eat more fruit, veggies, lean proteins, and grains. Don’t let them eat soda and fast food as they are the main reason for obesity in children.

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