How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds in the Crib?

How to Put a Baby to Sleep

Parents keep worrying about the health and growth of their babies from day one of their birth. They are stressful about physical development and also the eating habit of their child.

Among these, the main thing about which parents worry a lot is their baby’s sleep. If you are among such parents and want to know how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds, then do read this article as you will get to know a lot about the natural sleep remedies for babies here.

How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds?

The struggle of making a baby asleep is surely appreciatable. At the end, when nothing works, the parents feel clueless.

Using the Light Strategically

Take your baby out during the sunlight or allow the light to come into the house. Also, lower the lights in the evening. This way, your baby will get to know the difference between the day and night.

Switch off All Lights and Try to Make the Baby Asleep.

Don’t shift the baby into a bright room if he wakes up in the night. As this shift from dark to light will make this brain believe that it is not the time to sleep.

Putting Baby to Bed

Put your baby to bed when she appears to be drowsy and quietening down.

This way, she will sleep quickly.

Don’t Look into the Baby’s Eyes

The babies get stimulated easily. When you look into her eye, then this will engage her attention, and she will believe its playtime.

Making eye contact with sleepy babies makes the babies step out of their sleeping zone.

This motivates the baby.

Thus if you go to your baby at night then avoid talking excitedly with baby and making eye contact with her.

Make her asleep with a quiet voice and keep your gaze on the baby’s belly.

Make the Rules of Diaper Changes a Bit Relaxed

Avoid changing the diaper of the baby every time she wakes up. This is not always required.

Put the baby in a nighttime diaper. Don’t wake the baby fully in the middle of the sleep to change his diapers.

Give the Baby a Dream Feed

If the baby is unable to sleep at night, then feed the baby. This will make him ready for a longer sleep.

Dim the lights and lift the sleeping baby out of the crib.

Settle him down and feed him. Also, burp the baby.

Then put him back on the bed.

Eliminate Snacking

Nutrition and sleep surely go hand in hand.

A baby of around eight weeks needs to be fed every 2-2.5 hours.

You need to note down how much and how long baby is eating.

A 2.5 to 3 years baby will have a 4 to 6 hours sleep at night if she is eating well.

You need to work on your baby’s meal and also eliminate the snacks and other foods that provide no nutrition.

Also, don’t neglect the burping.

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Take Naps Seriously

A well-rested baby will sleep much better than an overtired baby.

Avoid skipping a baby nap in the hope that he will sleep a bit longer at night. This doesn’t work.

The stress hormones of the overtired infants rise.

These stress hormones make the baby wake up in lighter sleep stages.

Then when the baby falls asleep, the hormones won’t soon rise for long.

Thus the regular napes are much essential.

How to Put the Baby to Sleep in a Crib?

Instead of making your sweetie fall asleep in the car seat while you are traveling or on your chest as you watch your favorite shows, you should try to make the nap in her crib. This way, she will get the much-needed quality rest.

The first nap of the baby tells how the entire day goes.

Thus it’s better to make her first nap in her crib.

3 to 4 months of the baby have more extended awake periods, and thus, you will need to work on her nap schedule. You can schedule one nap in the morning, the second one in the early afternoon, and if the need arises the third one on the late afternoon.

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How to Put an Awake Newborn Baby to Sleep?

Newborns have a bit difficulty in distinguishing between the day and night. Due to this, their sleeping schedule keeps changing.

Use White Noise

This is the most straightforward method you can try to make your baby asleep.

Sometimes nurses make the newborn sleep by playing a noise of running water in the background.

The theory behind this is that the running water depicts an environment to which the baby is familiar with, i.e., the womb.

This way, the baby falls asleep easily.

Crying babies most often find comfort in such rhythmic movements.

Make the Baby Feel Sleepy with Touch

Softly pat the back of the baby in a food rhythm.

This way, you can make the baby sleep with a gentle touch.

Also, pose the baby in a way that he/she sleeps facing against you.

Where Should a Newborn Sleep?

The best sleeping places for a baby are:

In a cradle or crib near the bed of her mother

On a firm crib mattress or any other firm sleep surface

Natural Sleep Remedies For Babies

Sleep medicines rarely fix the sleeping troubles of babies.

You can try the natural sleeping remedies to make your baby asleep at night.


This herb treats almost everything from indigestion, anxiety, irritability, and cold.

It is a wonderful herb for infants who can’t sleep at night.

You can get this tea form a natural health center. Add a small amount of honey in the tea for the children of one year of age.

The tea is good, but you need to avoid giving to people who have allergy form plants.

California Poppy

This gentle herb calms down the nervous system and provides cure to pain, and restlessness.

It is safe for children of two years of age.

Final Words

You need to rework on the sleeping schedule of your baby if she wakes up crying at night. Bad sleeping habits makes someone a bad sleeper.

When your baby wakes up at night, then try to remain calm and also check out the above-explained options on how to put a baby sleep in 40 seconds, which will be quite helpful to you.

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