How to Stop and Get Rid of Baby Hiccups?

How to Stop and Get Rid of Baby HiccupsHiccups refer to the sudden contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm. They can happen to anyone. Adults can cure them by taking a glass of water, but babies have to pass through some pain.

Thus. It is essential to know how to stop and get rid of baby hiccups so you can get your babies out of this pain.

This article offers some of the best baby hiccups remedies by which you can not only cure them but also prevent them from happening to your babies.

How to Stop and Get Rid of Baby Hiccups?

Hiccups can be a big pain for the babies. These annoying sensations can shake your body. You can’t ask a baby to hold the breath, which is a common cure by adults to cure hiccup.

What Happens Inside the Body During Hiccups?

In normal breathing, you take in air into the lungs and the diaphragm release that air out through your mouth.

During hiccups, the diaphragm spasms, and due to this, the air that you have to suck gets stucks in the vocal cords. This causes a ‘hic’ sound that results in hiccups.

Although hiccups are much closer to breathing, according to some studies, they aren’t connected with breath.

Hiccuping and breathing are two different mechanisms in the body.

Hiccups in infants have a drastic effect on their breathing. During the hiccups, the infants don’t get enough oxygen.

Hiccups in Babies What Does it Mean?

Hiccups are reflexive, i.e., and no one can stop control or stop them like coughing and sneezing.

They are an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm. The diaphragm becomes irritated sometimes and pulls down with a jerk, which makes the baby suck air through the throat.

This rushing air hits the voice box, and the hiccup sound ‘Hic’ comes as the vocal cord closes suddenly.

Why a Baby Gets Hiccups?

Hiccups can be linked to:

  • Swallowing air while eating and drinking
  • Strong emotions like stress or excitement

Well, no one can predict when they occur. Many moms experience their babies hiccuping in the womb too. They are an indication of an irritated diaphragm. Hiccups in babies can occur for no reason, too, but mostly they are due to the feeding.

Some of the cause of hiccups in babies include:

  • Eating quickly
  • Overfeeding
  • Swallowing too much air

Some babies get hiccups due to gastroesophageal reflux too.

Baby Hiccups Remedy

Babies are unaware of what is discomforting them during the hiccups. Hiccups can be resolved on their own too, but if you find your baby hiccuping frequently and it is causing severe pain, then do consult a doctor.

Follow these solutions to get rid of baby hiccups.

Burp the Baby

While feeding your baby, take a break and burp the baby as it reduces the air in the stomach and thus prevents hiccups.

It is recommended to burp the bottle feeding babies on consuming every 2 ounces. If you are breastfeeding the baby, then you can burp him/her on switching the breasts.

Rub the Baby’s Back

Rubbing and rocking their back can relax them, which stops the hiccups.


This relaxes the diaphragm, and this way stops hiccups. Cleaning the pacifier is quite essential too.

Check the Baby’s Bottle

Your baby’s feeding bottle can be a culprit too.

Some bottles have a mysterious design that traps in more air during feeding.
Try other brand bottles to reduce the air trapping in the bottle that causes hiccups. Also, it’s a good habit to sterilize baby bottle.

Gripe Water

This mixture of water and herbs is used to treat colic and various stomach issues. If the hiccups are due to the stomach issue, then they can be cured by girpe water.

The following herbs are present in gripe water.

  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Fennel
  • Chamomile

Checkup By Doctor

Hiccups are sometimes caused by acid reflux.

If your baby vomits during hiccups, then do have a checkup of your baby by the doctor.

Also, if hiccups in your baby occur for a more extended period, then do consult your doctor.

What to Do With Baby Hiccups in the Womb?

You and your growing baby experience constant changes during the pregnancy. You might witness rhythmic twitching in the womb. This could be due to fetal hiccups.

It is difficult to control what happens inside the womb.

You can stop them by avoiding sugary food and drinks. They are an actually normal reflex, but if you find them frequent and persistent, then this signals an issue. Do contact your doctor in such a situation.

How to Stop and Get Rid of Newborn Baby Hiccups During or After Feeding?

In newborns, the hiccups can be due to bringing up milk after feeding. Thus when the tummy of the baby is full, the acid and food come up, resulting in hiccups. This brings out some milk too.

  • Note down the time when hiccups occur to your babies. For example, if hiccups in your baby occur only after feeding, then you can adjust the feeding time of your sweetie to stop the hiccups.
  • Feed the baby before he/she s upset and hungry. This is because if the baby is not calm, then the chances of swallowing air increases, and it fills the tummy of the baby.
  • Have a look at the baby’s latch while breastfeeding. If the baby’s lips aren’t sealed properly, then she may get hiccups due to swallowing air.
  • Hold your sweetie in an upright position while bottle feeding.
  • Burp the baby when feeding
  • Avoid overfeeding the baby.

Final Thoughts

Adults can guzzle some water to get rid of hiccups, but babies experience a different situation while hiccuping. Babies don’t understand what is happening to them, and this discomforts them.

Newborn hiccups are not much dangerous but can be painful. Many babies experience hiccups during their initial months due to feeding issues. You can prevent them by following the best feeding practices.

Thus if you know how to stop and get rid of baby hiccups, then you can take your baby out of this discomfort. If it is frequent and distresses your baby, then you need to consult a doctor.

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