How to Stop and Get Rid of Baby Hiccups?

How to Stop and Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

Hiccups don’t happen to babies only. Instead, they can happen to anyone.

Knowing how to stop and get rid of baby hiccups is quite essential as the adults can get rid of hiccups easily by taking some water, but that’s not much easy for babies.

In contrast, babies have a different experience regarding this.

This can be a pain for the babies. There are a few things that you can do comfort the discomfort of babies during hiccups.

How to Stop and Get Rid of Baby Hiccups?

The babies don’t know what’s happening to them during hiccups, and this discomforts them.

Generally speaking, hiccups are not much dangerous and can occur and resolved from time to time on their own.

However, if you find your baby hiccuping frequently and they cause pain to your baby, then you need to consult a doctor.

Also, if your baby turns blue while hiccupping then do seek medical attention.

You can try the following solutions if you find your baby uncomfortable with hiccups.

Monitor the Baby’s Hiccups

Note down the time when hiccups occur to your babies. For example, if hiccups in your baby occur only after feeding, then you can adjust the feeding time of your sweetie to stop the hiccups.

Burp the Baby

Sometimes there are excess air bubbles that get trapped when your baby eats. The air in the stomach punches on the diaphragm that causes spasms.

Burping the baby can prevent hiccups by clearing the gas bubble that causes hiccups.

You can burp your bottle feed babies even when they consume 2 to 3 ounces to stop or prevent hiccups.

Check the Baby’s Bottle

Your baby’s feeding bottle can be a culprit too.

Some bottles have a mysterious design that traps in more air during feeding.
Try other brand bottles to reduce the air trapping in the bottle that causes hiccups. Also, it’s a good habit to sterilize baby bottle.

Using a Pacifier

Sucking on a pacifier relaxes the diaphragm and stops hiccups. Cleaning the pacifier is quite essential.

Gripe Water

This is a mixture of water and herbs. It is used to treat stomach problems.

Following herbs are present in gipe water.

  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Fennel
  • Chamomile

Cure By water

Keep the baby calm and relaxed during hiccups and offer him a sip of water.

Checkup By Doctor

Hiccups are sometimes caused by acid reflux.

If your baby vomits during hiccups, then do have a checkup of your baby by the doctor.

Also, if hiccups in your baby occur for a more extended period, then do consult your doctor.

Hiccups in Babies What Does it Mean?

Hiccups are reflexive, i.e., and no one can stop control or stop them like coughing and sneezing.

They are an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm. The diaphragm becomes irritated sometimes and pulls down with jerk which makes the baby suck air through the throat.

This rushing air hits the voice box, and the hiccup sound ‘Hic’ comes as the vocal cord closes suddenly.

What Causes Hiccups in Babies?

An irritation most often causes them in the esophagus. Hiccups in babies usually occur after eating.

Well, whatever be the cause of hiccups, they are the sign of an irritated diaphragm that upsets the infants.

What Happens Inside the Body During Hiccups?

In normal breathing, you take in air into the lungs and the diaphragm release that air out through your mouth.

During hiccups, the diaphragm spasms and due to this the air that you have to suck gets stucks in the vocal cords. This causes a ‘hic’ sounds that result in hiccups.

Although hiccups are much closer to breathing, according to some studies, they aren’t connected with breath.

Hiccuping and breathing are two different mechanisms in the body.

Hiccups in infant have a drastic effect on their breathing.

During the hiccups, the infants don’t get enough oxygen.

Knowing how to stop and get rid of baby hiccups will help you relieve the discomfort in babies during hiccups or sometimes prevent the hiccups too.

How to Stop and Get Rid of Newborn Baby Hiccups?

Some babies get hiccups in the womb too. Well, there is not much to worry about in such a case. If you feel jerking sensation during late pregnancy, then it can be due to baby hiccups.

Hiccups can be due to the contracting of the muscles below the diaphragm.

Hiccups can be linked to:

  1. Swallowing air while eating and drinking
  2. Strong emotions like stress or excitement

In newborns, the hiccups can be due to bringing up of milk after feeding.

Newborns get hiccups due to the not properly developed muscular valve whose responsibility is to keep the food in the tummy.

Thus when the tummy of the baby is full, the acid and food come up, resulting in hiccups. This brings out some milk too.

You can get rid of newborn baby hiccups by:

  • Feeding the baby in an upright direction
  • Holding the baby for 20-30 minute after feeding.
  • Giving small feeds to your baby

How to Stop Baby Hiccups After Feeding?

  • If your baby gets hiccups after feeding, then try to give him small feeds.
  • Also, burp the baby while switching from one breast to another.
  • While feeding the baby through bottle-fed, it is recommended to stop halfway and burp the baby. Then complete this feeding after a break. This will prevent hiccupping.
  • Rub the baby’s back during hiccups.
  • Holding breath is supposed to be an effective remedy for hiccups, but it should not be attempted for babies as this is much dangerous for them.
  • Avoid overfeeding the baby.
  • Before feeding the baby with a bottle, remove the air in the bottle.
  • Altogether, hiccups in newborns are not much of concern, They are quite common, and by following the above solutions, you can help the baby get rid of them easily.

Final Words

Hiccupping is due to a reflex in body that initiates even before the little one is born.

It is much common in babies and will get resolved or decrease as they grow.

If your baby has some pain with hiccups or any other dangerous symptoms, then do seek medical attention.

Thus by knowing how to stop and get rid of baby hiccups, you can help your little one have got relief from some pain.

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