How To Burp a Newborn Baby Properly? (Method, Tips & More)

How To Burp a Newborn Baby

New moms usually have no idea that to burp the newborn, they may need to make special efforts.

If you find your baby getting fussy or irritated after feeding, the baby may have swallowed some air with the milk. It may cause the baby to feel greatly disturbed.

Some useful tips can help you in resolving the issue.

You can try these tips on how to burp a newborn baby for bringing up the swallowed air, making more space for the full meal.

You should take care to burp your baby after every feed. It is natural for the baby to swallow some air along with his formula or breast milk.

How To Burp a Newborn Baby Properly?

If your baby starts showing sign of getting uncomfortable, most probably, it is due to the swallowed air.

The more a baby keeps feeling uncomfortable, the more are the chances to swallow additional air.

It can lead to fussy behavior or spit-up. It is better to burp your baby instantly, instead of waiting for the condition to aggravate.

1st Step:

Always keep a bib over the lap or your shoulder before feeding the baby.

You can use a burp cloth, a small towel, or a hanky. This will save your dress in case the baby spits out while burping.

2nd Step:

The way to hold your baby is essential; you should make baby held against your chest.

Let his chin stay on the shoulder and keep your one hand under the butt. Hold him with one hand and try to gently tap the upper back of your baby with the other hand.

You can do it while sitting or walking position, whatever way you feel comfortable.

Some moms prefer to walk because walking or rocking motion helps in making the baby burp quickly.

3rd Step:

Make your baby sit near your knees, holding his chest with one hand and pat his back with the other hand.

Be careful; only gentle pats help the baby burping, harder patting is of no use.

4th Step:

You can make your baby lie down in your lap, keeping the face down, holding his head a little higher.

Gently pat his back and try to keep his chin higher than the chest.

This is one of the most practiced ways of burping babies.

5th Step:

It is better that you burp your baby before and after feeding him, instead of burping him only once after feeding. If the baby swallows air before or during the feed, he is less likely to eat enough.

Bottle-fed babies are more prone to swallow air than those who are breastfed.

Burp your bottle-fed baby after every 2, 3 ounces, and breastfed babies after switching of breasts. Whenever you find your baby feeling disturbed, you should burp him.

Tips on How to Burp a Newborn Baby

Some useful tips can help you to burp the baby properly.

  • Keep some tissues, hanky or a bib in easy access, to clean if the baby spits.
  • Try keeping a bib or burp cloth between your dress and the mouth of your baby to protect your clothes from getting spoiled.
  • A tender patting or rubbing helps most of the babies to burp.
  • Try to soothe the baby’s back from the left side, as the stomach is on the same side.

Best Positions to Burp Your Baby

Every mother experiences different ways that prove to be effective for burping babies. They can choose from any of the tried and tested ways; holding against the shoulder, facing down on the lap and sitting up.

You can try all the three basic ways and carry on the one that suits your purpose the best.

Some babies feel relieved while being held against the mother’s shoulders.

When your baby doesn’t burp this way and keeps feeling disturbed, you can try to lie him down in your lap, facing down. Usually, babies can burp when held this way.

Sitting up the baby in your lap can help your baby to burp. Walking or rocking your baby can help him burp and feeling relieved.


The air bubbles collected in the baby’s stomach can make the baby feel much uncomfortable.

This uncomfortable feeling can begin even before finishing the meal.

For the same reason, it is really important to help baby burp and for bringing up the excessive air, accumulated in the belly.

By following the tips on how to burp a newborn baby properly, you can get your baby out of the discomfort.

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