How to Clean a Pacifier On the Go? [Care & Maintain]

How to Clean a Pacifier

Being a mom, you cannot think of leaving home without taking your baby’s pacifier: it helps you to soothe him in stressful situations.

You are left perplexed if it falls on the dusty floor in some shopping mall. Moms need to know how to clean a pacifier.

You have made a wise decision if you have chosen a silicone pacifier for your little one. You can clean it thoroughly by dipping it in some dishwasher anytime.

You can use a silverware container to avoid it floating around in your dishwasher. These germs and dirt can easily be removed by hot water, and your baby’s pacifier becomes germs free.

Or you can regularly keep cleaning the pacifier with soap and hot water.

You can clean the pacifier enough for toddlers who have developed a stronger immunity system.

How to Clean a Pacifier?

You can make a decision as the situation demands it, but one thing must be assured that you do no put a dirty pacifier in your baby’s mouth.

For sterilizing the pacifier, you can put it in a pan full of boiling water for 5 minutes approximately.

The existing germs get to be killed with this boiling water; it removes the residue as well.

You should sterilize the new binky, or you can sterilize the old one after your baby’s sickness.

How Frequently should the Pacifiers be Cleaned?

You need to be extra cautious to keep your baby’s pacifier free of germs because it goes straight into your little one’s mouth. The frequency of washing the pacifier depends on the frequency of its use by your baby.

One more thing is way how it is used by your baby and how many times he throws it on the floor.

When you bring a new pacifier, you must sterilize it. You may guess it to be free of germs because it is properly packed and sealed, but there are chances of its being contaminated or affected by germs or dirt.

It is better to be careful; you can get it cleaned in your dishwasher or get it boiled in water.

You should clean the pacifier every time it falls down on the floor, especially when you are out of the home.

How Often to Clean a Pacifier?

You cannot guess how many germs were there on the ground, and you would never want your baby to use a contaminated pacifier.

You should go to the easily accessible bathroom and wash it thoroughly with hot water and then put it back into his mouth. In the home, it would be easy for you to wash it with soap and hot water.

Most of the babies keep throwing their pacifiers on the floor many times, and they need to be washed every time. If the pacifier does not fall on the floor, you can wash it quickly with soap and hot water.

The pacifiers of the babies younger than six months of age must be frequently washed because of their weaker immune system.

Sterilizing vs. Cleaning

With cleaning, you can remove the grime, dirt and other contaminations present on the pacifier.

You can wash a pacifier with hot water and soap. The germs present on a binky can be killed by sanitizing it. Usually, it is through heating that pacifiers are sterilized.

After sterilizing the new binky once in the boiling water, it should not be sterilized frequently. It can be cleaned in boiling water; washing in the dishwasher can also kill germs present on the binky.

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When Should Pacifiers be Replaced?

Pacifiers need to be changed from the time no matter how cautious you have been in cleaning them. Instead of setting a particular time to change pacifiers, you should carefully check the signs of them being worn out. Weak spots, discoloring, separation, and tearing can indicate the time for replacing the pacifiers.

Growing babies need to have new pacifiers suitable according to their age.

The pacifiers your baby used in infancy can cause him to choke later when he is grown up to take it completely in his mouth.

You can give him a variety of pacifiers for adding to his comforting treasure.


You keep wondering how and how many times you can clean it in such a way that it can be given to your baby without that dust and germs. You need to learn some basic skills to wash this pacifier properly.

In some urgent situation, you can wash the pacifier with hot water even without soap. If your baby gets fussy without his pacifier, you can quickly wash it water and soap.

Thus the tips on how to clean a pacifier will help you get rid of various infections by properly cleaning it.

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