How To Cut Toddler Girl’s Hair? (Top Ideas For Baby Girls)

How To Cut Toddler Girl’s Hai

Parents are usually aware of the enormous situation when they have to persuade a toddler girl to get a haircut.

The beginning and endings can give you leave you shaky.

Something is interesting in the child’s nature; even when they want to get a haircut like a movie character, they are still reluctant to go for a haircut. If you know how to cut toddler girl’s hair, then you can give a wonderful look to her.

Instead of tremendous efforts that parents need to make for prompting children to visit the hairdresser, they prefer to do this job at home. This decision keeps their children relaxed. Moreover, it is easier and economical.

How To Cut Toddler Girl Hair?

A haircut is always as exciting as the first time. There is a large variety of haircuts to choose from for your sweet toddler.

If you can handle scissors well, you can think of doing your girl’s haircut. If you have never tried cutting hair before or your toddler girl does not feel sitting for long, you can choose a simple cut like a straight bob. Buying a specially designed pair of scissors for haircutting would be a better decision.

You can feel accomplished with a better haircut, despite some uneven edges.

You can do better cutting on wet hair, as they are less likely to move around.

  1. Comb the toddler’s hair properly but cutting. Remember one point that wet hair looks longer as compared to the dried one; therefore, take care that you do not take much of the hair off.
  2. Curly hair looks way shorter when are they get dry, carefully choose the length to cut.
  3. You can perform better if you choose to do the task more systematically. You can make sections of hair by using hair clips. Start from the lower back section.
  4. Keep letting down more lengths of hair gradually, cut these layers of hair at the same measurement as the lower back section.
  5. If you are unsure of your ability to handle your scissors in a proper manner, it is a better idea to visit a salon. You should try visiting a salon that has been designed for young kids.
  6. Colorful interior and fun chairs can make your baby attracted towards having a haircut. In specially designed salons, the stylists are expected to be able to handle the young kids tactfully.

You can spend some time there to get your baby familiar with the environment. If required, you can further prompt your baby to get a haircut.

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Useful Tips to Get Your Baby Sit Motionless

Getting a haircut for your toddler is not an easy task. You are required to prepare your kiddo to go for the haircut mentally. Choice of the hairstyle comes later than their agreement to have one.

Some babies cannot approve of the idea of sitting still. Others may find it as a hint towards some essential issue.

A toddler may get uncontrollably while getting her hair being cut. She may not like her hair being washed and nails trimmed, she might be having Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

If your baby has SPD, you will have to be prepared well.

If your toddler doesn’t have any indications, you can go for getting an appointment with some special baby salon. If there is not baby salon nearby, you should go for one that provides a baby-friendly environment.

Going to get a haircut needs proper preparation on your part.

Get your baby excited for the haircut; make it appealing to her.

Instead of waiting for the hairdresser to choose the haircut, choose it yourself. Explain the desired haircut and look, well to the hairdresser.

Simple Steps to Get Your Baby’s Haircut

  • Haircuts for Medium and Long Hair

Step 1) In order to avoid pulling or tangling of hair, comb them properly with a wide-tooth comb.

Using this comb, you cake her hair separated in sections. Make an inch broad section along the head area and tie them loosely with clips. Hair will be divided between a horizontal bottom, middle, and the front sections.

Step 2) After wetting and de-tangling the hair, moving the comb slowly through the length of hair and cut almost an inch from the edges. You can keep regularly combing for keeping hair straight.

Check the length of the hair to be cut by holding it between your index and middle fingers. Choose a shorter length to cut from curly hair as they curl up on getting dry.

Step3) After cutting the bottom section, you can open the middle section of the hair from all sides. Wet this section of hair again and try to cut from the right and left side separately.

Then keep cutting and moving on to the front section of the hair.

  • Using a Clipper

You can opt to use a clipper for trimming a single length by using a No.3 guard, starting from the backside gradually moving to the front, clipping the rest of the hair can help in managing a balance.

For trimming hair from the backside of the neck to the bottom of the skull, attach a guard of No.2 length and cut hair using the arcing technique. For refining the hairlines, you can try small clippers for parting and distributing hair.

  • How to Cut Toddler Girl Short Hair?

Step1) Make rectangular sections by dividing hair from the front side of the temple. Make sections separately on both sides of the head, right from the front side of the ear.

Step2) Choose to cut the quarter of an inch moving from left to the right side and keep trimming the thin sections. The reason for trimming only a quarter of an inch is that the head curvature gives an inaccurate look of longer hair on some sides.

Step3) Trim hair from back sections moving from right to the left side. Cut thin sections of the quarter of an inch in width, then, repeat from both sides of the lower hair sections.

Step4) You can check the proper balance of each layer by observing in the mirror. If the layers are balanced, you are done with the haircut; you can choose to style it as your baby likes it.

  • How To Cut Toddler Girl Hair Bangs?

Triangular Shaped Bangs

Begin from the side you prefer and divide hair in a triangular shape closer to the outer side of the eyebrow.try to cut it narrow because it is going to show more width.

Trim Bangs

Wet the hair from the front section of the hairline and comb to de-tangle it. Start cutting n a horizontal pattern keeping in mind the length required; which can be closer to the middle area of the idea or even shorter.

Trim across The Bangs

Make thick sections of hair, almost an inch or so, clip the remaining hair backward. Cut across in a horizontal line.

Haircut Ideas for Baby Girls

If you are confused about what style you should choose for your baby, no worries, there is a large variety of options you can choose from, depending on the length and type of your toddler’s hair.

  • Bob

This is the most popular and easily manageable haircut for your baby.

Toddler girls with any type of can choose it. Mothers who are fond of using hair bands, barrettes, and clips can choose this bob style.

  • The Shag

This haircut suits well on all shaped faces.

This is an appropriate style for toddler girls with curly or frizzy hair. It looks good when hair layers start to grow longer.

  • Pixie Cut

If you like short hair, the pixie cut is just the appropriate style for you.

The moms, who like to keep things easy and simple, choose this haircut quite often. This haircut has variations you can go for the one that suits you.

  • Long Hair

If you inspired by the long hair of Barbie princesses, you can choose to keep the length though it required some efforts in managing long hair still it’s a good choice; it allows you to try different accessories and hairstyles.

  • Neutral Haircuts

You do not like being a traditional mom, and you do not prefer to have separate identifying haircuts; you can choose any gender-neutral style for your toddler girl.

  • Buzz Cut

It can be a good choice for busy moms.

This style is a popular choice for little boys, and you can choose for your girls as well.

  • Bowl Cut

This haircut suits equally well on girls and boys.

You can get this haircut even at your home. If you don’t want, choose an inexpensive salon for getting this cut.


A few valuable tips can help you and your kid from an awkward situation with the hairdresser. You can feel blessed to have a toddler girl, as you can try many haircuts as you want.

Moms may feel impatient to get hair on the bald head of their daughters.

They enjoy trying new hairstyles by the time a girl gets to toddlerhood.

One of the greatest reasons that prevent children from getting a haircut; children don’t feel comfortable being touched by some stranger.

Young children feel better if they get a haircut by someone familiar to them, home environment adds to their comfort.

Thus you can do a lovely haircut to your sweetie if you know how to cut toddler girl’s hair.

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