How to Deal with Toddler Coughing at Night? [Causes & Cure]

How to Deal with Toddler Coughing at Night

You may find it problematic to stay awake with your baby coughing during the night.

It is good to take good precautions to deal with the situation. You need to have the guidance on how to deal with toddler coughing at night.

It can be beneficial to know the root cause and knowledge of dealing with it.

Such precautionary measures can be helpful to handle the situation in a better way. Here is detailed information about the coughing problem in toddlers.

Usually, the irritation in the throat leads to the likelihood of coughing in babies and kids. It is possible that the child is suffering from some disease which produces an increased amount of mucus secretion and phlegm.

Contamination in the windpipe can also be the cause of a cough.

Coughing and gasping help to clear the increased amount of phlegm in the trachea.

This can be helpful to let oxygen pass through the respiratory tract to enter the lungs, making it easier for babies to breathe. It is a reflex action of the body to relax respiration for toddlers.

How to Deal with Toddler Coughing at Night?

You should observe your kids if your children are found gasping.

Kids can be seen with a runny nose, wheezing, or having a temperature. In such situations, it is good to have knowledge of different kinds of cough and their possible cures.

This will be helpful for you to do the earliest possible treatment.

  • It is important to keep your newborns well hydrated. Liquids can be given in various forms like warm water or soups. These fluids prevent the phlegm from getting thickened or clogged in the respiratory tract. They can help loosen it and relieving the sore and irritated throat.
  • Moisture level can be well maintained in the room by using a humidifier in the room. Humid and moist air allows babies to breathe easily.
  • You can put a damp towel in the room.
  • It is advised to keep a boiler in the room for your baby.
  • Steam can be given to young babies by keeping them in the bathroom filled with steam. You can turn on the shower ten minutes earlier and take your baby in your lap. For keeping kids calm in the bathroom, engage them in some pleasant activity like singing a rhyme or by telling a story.

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Whooping Cough

If your baby is having signs of whooping cough, make him breathe in cool air. This decreases the soreness of trachea and helps in controlling dry cough.

To avoid and treat whooping cough, you can follow some directions given below.

  • Let the kids breathe in fresh air by keeping the windows open.
  • Help your baby to inhale some vapors from the freezer.
  • You can go for a drive with your kid in the well-ventilated car by keeping the windows open.

Cough Syrups

Two types of prescribed medicines can be administered to kids.

The wet cough can be relieved with cough syrups as they help to loosen the phlegm from the respiratory tract.

For cough, cough syrups are given to suppressing the cough.

These syrups are not recommended in for children with wet cough because they are required to remove the mucus from the respiratory tract. These cough-suppressing syrups cannot be given to newborns and infants.


It is advised to get kids vaccinated to prevent a croup cough. The same vaccination is advised to elders who come in contact with these kids.

Some babies may have some light coughing even after vaccination. If this vaccination is not administered, infants are more likely to have infections. Older children and adults who have not had vaccines can catch these infections easily and can be a source of spreading to people around them.

Common Causes and Cures of Coughing in Kids

Kids usually have more severe cough attacks during sleep, because mucus gets clogged in the respiratory pipe. Due to being young, they do not know how to handle it.

Instead of spitting out phlegm kids gulp it down while lying in bed.

It is easier for elders to manage mucus by spitting. Holding back of phlegm by kids disturb their stomach and can cause nausea.

This happens when they have fits of cough, and they try to swallow phlegm.

Kids pass this swallowed phlegm in their stool as well, which can cause a great deal of tension to parents.

How to Deal with Toddler Coughing at Night and Vomiting?

If the vomiting occurs with the following symptoms, then its a case of emergency.

  • Rapid breathing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Coughing up blood
  • Tongue or lips turn blue

In such a case, you need to take your toddler to the doctor. The doctor will perform some tests to diagnose it.


These treatments can help saving young babies from painful and irritating coughs.

Parents are directed to keep a check if these treatments are being helpful in curing the cough symptoms or not. If they find the conditions are persisting or deteriorating, they must visit the doctor as early as possible.

By and large, parents can give some comfort to their toddlers if they know how to deal with toddler coughing at night.

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