How To Discipline a Toddler Without Hitting and Yelling?

How to Properly Discipline a Toddler Who Hits

No matter how much parents love their little ones, but they cannot approve their monstrous behavior. Screaming, biting, kicking, and hitting never get their approval, rather it can be very disturbing for the parents.

The question arises how to discipline a toddler without hitting and yelling.

Many parents are confused and need to know what should be our behavior when our kids behave like that.

According to experts smacking or slapping your baby is not a sound choice.

There are various other effective methods to improve your little one’s behavior without giving him any physical punishment.

In order to improve the behavior of your toddler, you need to set certain rules and follow them meticulously.

You can follow such rules to be a good mom.

How To Discipline a Defiant Toddler Without Hitting and Yelling?

Parents need to discipline their kids as early as they are six months of age. Infants should be told not to touch mama’s spectacles, and tell them to be kind to the pet cat or dog.

Parents should make certain rules and be resolute in maintaining them. Certain security guideline should be taught to young babies; it is one way of being caring towards their kids.

If you teach your toddler to respect his parents at an early age, it will save them from being forceful and stern parents in the near future; a stitch in time saves nine.

Set Certain Rules

If parents lay down certain principles for their kids from an early age, it can provide a solid foundation for their future behavior training. Toddlers should be told that hitting, beating, or climbing on tables is not allowed. You need to stop your toddler from screaming too.

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Choose Your Battles Wisely

Parents should not be over-anxious about everything that their kids do.

They should assess that certain really demand such strong reaction or not. If they keep guiding and instructing their kids in everything that they do, soon everyone will get tired of such behavior.

If parents choose their battles wisely, they would be more successful in achieving their goals. Every action of their kids needs not to be checked; they should be given some partial liberty to enjoy their childhood unless they stop following a certain set of rules.

Warn About Consequences

Simply telling your child that something is wrong and another is not; will not bring fruitful results for long. You need to warn your kid about the consequences of his act.

You can tell him if he takes his brother’s candies, he will not have his dinner treat.

Tell him if he hits his friend, he will not be taken to the park the next morning; keep these consequences as logical as possible. One you warn him of consequences, be sure to do what you said.

If you just say and do not do it, soon your kid will not be listening to you at all.

Be Consistent

Children, at times, take your set rules as challenges for them.

They keep trying your determination and consistency. They are tempted to break certain rules, especially when their age fellows accompany them.

Every time your kid breaks those rules, make them face consequences which they do not like.

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Your kids need to know that you understand their feelings.

If they are disturbed, tell them that you understand their situation. Empathize with them that you also don’t feel like going home from the park, but it is getting too dark to stay in the park they feel good when they know that you think as they do.

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Offer them a Deal

You need to understand a few principles, and you can manage your kids quite effectively.

If your kid does not want to go to bed, tell him that you will tell him a story. He may feel it be a compromise, but he will feel good that you abide by your words.

It should not be so that you offer them something when they stop crying, and you should reward them for good behavior. If your child does not disturb you during driving, you can take him to the park for rides. You can also enjoy indoor activities with your kids.

Offer Choices

If kids do not follow the given rules, instead of being furious, you can suggest some other option which they find easier to accept. If your kid does not want to wear the jacket you chose, you can offer him another, but he must wear one before going out.

Appreciate What is Good

Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to discipline your toddler.

Children of every age love to be appreciated for their good behavior. Appreciate them for putting back their toys in the toy basket, and for being polite to the guests at home.

How to Properly Discipline a Toddler Who Hits?

You should not accept any wrong act of your little one, believing him to be’ just a kid.’ You should tell them they are not at all allowed to hit their friends or siblings.

Disapproval of Wrong Behavior

‘No’ word is an indication of your disapproval, and a young kid gets to know that his actions not being approved or appreciated by his parents.

If your kid has learned to speak, he should be told to say sorry for his wrong conduct.

Again you need to set limits for the use of ‘No,’ if you keep instructing your child not to do anything, he would soon be tuned to listening to it, and its impact on him would be no more.

Keep your mind clear about the things that should get your strong disapproval, or only some suggestion can help to improve certain behavior.

He should strictly be forbidden to hit or bite anyone.

In case, he draws on his hands; it is not such a harmful act, you can suggest him to draw or paint on some piece of paper rather than yelling at him as if he has committed some terrible mistake.

Matters You Should Not Compromise

  • Respect Elders.

You must never accept your kid’s behavior in being disrespectful to teachers, grandparents, and parents.

  • Safety

Nerve compromise if your child neglects the security measure you have provided. Never ever accept them jumping on the rides, standing on ladder unattended or running away from you without informing.

  • Health

Never be lenient if they refuse to brush their teeth before bedtime or not washing hands before having meals.


By setting certain boundaries and limitations, you bring your toddler to real-life experiences, which are well defined by a certain set of rules.

Offering choices to kids is also a good idea.

Moreover, you should stay firm and consistency in keeping your words and in following your own laid down principles.

Thus this guide on how to discipline a toddler without hitting and yelling will help you in improving the behavior of your toddler

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