How To Get a Toddler To Stop Screaming?

How To Get a Toddler To Stop Screaming

According to a language pathologist, a child should know more than fifty words by the time he is 18 months old. When a child feels short of words, he is likely to adopt some other ways to express his feeling.

A toddler may use shrieking as a way to communicate his thoughts and feeling until he learns some refined system.

In such situations, moms need to know how to get a toddler to stop screaming

Shrieking is not much approved as a good way to communicate.

A general reaction of the people towards the moms of shrieking kids; is usually that of sympathy. It is interesting that people feel for the mothers more than they do.

It can be inconvenient for the moms to manage their shrieking kids and the environment, simultaneously. An important helping factor in handling the situation is that you try to determine what the baby wants to convey in shrieks. Moms should be mentally prepared with some quick responses to tackle the situation.

How To Get a Toddler To Stop Screaming?

The shrieks can be classified to help moms understanding them:

The Attention-Seeking Shrieks

It is a very natural reaction of young children; when they find the attention of their moms divided.

Toddlers usually love to be the center of attention for their parents, especially moms. It is not always possible to have him all attention of yours.

But you can manage the situation by reaching over to him, holding him in your lap, smiling or winking at him; to assure him that he is not being ignored at all.

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The Cheerful Shrieks

The innocent young children cannot figure out; the required amount of energy to express their joy in the home and outside needs to be different.

If you feel that others are getting disturbed due to your kiddo’s shrieks; you should hug your baby and pat him lovingly. Your presence and touch will help him in getting calm.

You need to educate your kiddo that it’s only the playground or park where we can shout; in the home, we need to keep our voice low.

It will take some time; you should be patient.

Try Not to Pacify Him

Paying attention may not always be the situation; at times, kids misbehave to hold your attention.

Sometimes it is better that you ignore him to teach him that you do not approve his negative behavior.

Spare him for some time unless he gets involved in hitting, biting, kicking; it’s better that you take him away from the spot making it obvious to him that you cannot approve his aggressive behavior against others.

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Manage Yourself According to His Behavior

It is natural for your child to follow your voice volume as he is associated with you. You can manage your behavior if you feel your kid getting desperate.

You should learn to practice a relaxed attitude with your child. If he feels disturbed, the best solution is to offer him to visit some public place, movies or anywhere he likes to go. You can enjoy indoor games with your kids too.

Moreover, there are some impressive arts and craft activities for kids.

Offering some sitting place to your kid can assist him in getting better, especially when he displays lesser control of emotions.

Once the baby gets relaxed, you should make him do the very thing that annoyed him. He might be upset because he didn’t want to throw the wrapper in the dustbin, tell him to do it when he is calm.

If he started yelling because you told him that he couldn’t have more; make sure that you don’t give it to him when he is pacified. Otherwise, he would learn to yell for getting anything you denied the offer. Appreciate him for acting positively, after all this love, care and appreciation mean a lot to him.

Find the Root-Causes of Strong Reactions

Soon your toddler will be able to communicate with you through words, but don’t believe that his outbursts are over. He is still in the learning process to handle his emotions; a little transgression from his desire will make him burst out.

Children at this stage want to be independent, and when they realize that they need your help, they can feel frustrated. When they want to do something and are not able to accomplish it, it may generate sadness, eventually leading to tantrums. Kids may find such situations tough, but you know these stages are all part of the game.

Children at the age of two and a half, hardly have a collection of words not more than fifty.

According to doctors, when they do not find appropriate words to communicate their various desires and needs, they tend to scream being frustrated.

As your young kids can hardly link two or more words together, you can teach them a few important words like milk, food, sleepy, and tired to communicate their needs and conditions effectively.

Even after teaching a few important signs to your kid, you may find him yelling for long, as all the needs cannot be helped with the few learned words.

You can teach him pointing towards the desired object, and it may require some practice on your part; it would help you a lot in understanding your kid.

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Let Him Have Some Space

It is not always important that your child holds back his anger, give him times to let it out, provided he does not hurt himself. According to medical research, if you give some space to your child, he learns to vent out his anger in a better manner.

He will be able to regain his self-control, instead of being a part of yelling games or war of egos.

Generate Some Diversions

According to a study conducted on the experiences of parents with hyper children, getting or creating a diversion for kids is the best solution.

You can manage to have different objects of your kid’s interest in a handy position to offer, whenever he has tantrums. Choice of these diversions can range from some toys to handy eatables.

One thing to remember is that you do not offer something that is not useful for your kids.

Whenever you find your child struggling with his bad moods, it is better than you can manage to trace it before starting. In a shopping mall if the kiddo wants to have something not required or appropriate, divert him by offering ice cream.

The attention span of children is usually very short; they are likely to get distracted easily. They are prone to get engaged with the offered distractions.

If some children start having a bad phase during some games over some toys or alike, you can offer some other toys or change their place of play. You will find them involved in the new activity quite soon.

Parents, especially moms, can utilize their inner talent for acting or entertainment by assuming any role according to the situation.

They are aware of the moods and choices of their kids; they can offer some diversion accordingly. Before making a great effort in providing some diversion, do assess that it would actually help or not.

If your child is hungry or tired, nothing will help except some food or a quick nap. It is all about the mental aptness that helps you in saving a situation.

How To Get an Angry Toddler To Stop Screaming?

If you feel that your kiddo is annoyed and feeling bad; the best way to handle him is to distract his attention towards something more engaging.

According to a psychologist, if you try to handle him by raising your voice; you are mistaken, you will aggravate the situation this way. If the baby is reluctant to get inside the home, you can tell him to find some stamps or his favorite toys in the home; he may take a few minutes but will soon be engaged in other activities.

Parents may not find this stage to be much pleasing, but they can enjoy it as a growing phase of a baby’s life. You need to be calm towards your kids to raise them right.

Ways to Prevent Outbursts

The young children love to get your attention and company. Manage your daily routine in such a manner that you can have playtime with your kiddo.

You can provide a strong base for your child with this company. He will learn to calm down in situations which leave him exasperated otherwise.

Positive reinforcement can play a significant role in inculcating poise and cool behavior. If your child gets his required attention with his positive and calm attitude, soon he will learn to calm himself in disturbing situations.

Act to feel bad after having some bad mood and telling your kiddo that you should not have reacted that strongly, it would teach him that everyone can have bad moods, but one should learn to compensate as well.


You need to be mentally smart and prepared for the situations when your kiddo losses temper badly; if he gets annoyed being hungry offer him some snacks. If he behaves weird when tired, choose to let him have a nap instead of forcing him to behave.

You can make him have a time-out for his inappropriate behavior; remember if you use it as a repeated behavior, it will lose its impact on your child.

Remember, if you keep a very strict check on your kid, he will always be dependent on you. If you ignore him a little, he will learn to manage himself effectively.

Thus knowing how to get a toddler to stop screaming is quite essential.

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