How To Plan a Baby Shower On a Budget?

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget

To arrange an enjoyable and stress- free baby shower, the host needs to know how to plan a baby shower on a budget considering various factors to make it a success.

If everyone especially the expectant mom enjoys and appreciates the event, this effort is worth it

How To Plan a Baby Shower On a Budget?

The host needs to consider the personality of the expecting mom.

An event that is organized well can be more entertaining.

A baby shower is an event that lasts for a couple of hours; serving the snacks and opening the gift packs can consume enough time.

Suitable Place For Holding The Baby Shower

The choice of the place depends on the host; it can be some restaurants, tea rooms, and even private homes.

If you consider the economic factor and want to keep the event a low budgeted one; your home makes the best choice as you can serve home-made dishes.

If you want your mom-to-be to enjoy the event, you should not arrange it at her place.

In her own house, she has various duties like opening the front door and answering the phone calls.

She will have to perform the role of being a host as well.

You should try to manage it at your place or that of some other close friend where the expectant mom can enjoy being an honored guest.

Time To Get The Mom-To-Be Registered

The expectant mom should wait for twelve weeks of pregnancy completed before getting herself registered as being pregnant.

Though it is tough to hold back the good news, before it, there are chances of miscarriage.

This time allows the expectant mom to buy and collect some essential items like cot sheets, bibs, and diaper bags.

It is too early to get the gender of the baby is checked; the expectant mom will have to wait for the 20th week.

Once the gender is checked through ultrasound, the expectant mom can choose and buy from a vast range available from online retailer links.

Whom You Should Invite To The Baby Shower?

The choice of members expected to be in your guests’ list; depends up the kind of function you are planning to have.

It can only be a women-affair as they can share their nasty labor stories easily with the other ladies.

It can also be an occasion comprising of male and female guests; even father-to-be can also be invited over to enjoy the occasion.

Inviting him depends on his personality type that he likes being in the company of other men and opening presents in the presence of the guests or you can ask him to join the party in the last hour.

The mom-to-be should provide you with the list of guests and their email addresses; even though you had sent them printed invitations; this will make they’re follow up easier for you.

If you people are budget conscious and want to have a good event with a smaller number of guests, you can ask the expectant mom to keep the list a short one.

Appropriate Time For The Invitations

According to the etiquettes of baby showers; you should invite the guests one month prior to the baby shower.

This will provide guests ample time to buy a suitable gift for the occasion or to plan a day off from the job and to have travel arrangements if she lives in some other station.

You do not need to send a formal invitation rather you can choose a digital invitation like Invite or Paperless Post.

You can ask a friend to contact the guests personally if they do not have email ids.

It is advised that you should not use social media to have a public announcement of the invitation.

You can connect with the expected guests through Whatsapp or Facebook personal messages to get their email addresses; if you want the invitation to be a proper one.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget?

Baby Shower’s Themes

There are various themes that you can choose from for the baby shower.

It can be a general theme or specific based on the gender of the expected child.

You can choose it according to the choice of your chief guest; the mom-to-be.

Barbies, polka dots, fairytale characters, or famous figures of the social or electronic media; you can choose any theme considering the choice of the expectant mother. Here are some suggested themes:

  • Usually, famous TV or film celebrities choose the theme for their baby showers from classic books for children. You can also choose one from Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Batman or Ben ten for the baby shower of an expected boy.
  • For female gender; Barbies, Frozen, Dora, Rapunzelor Snow white can be suitable themes. You can ask the guests to come with the picture books of these characters, and instead of writing on any formal cards, they can write down their wishes inside these character books.
  • You can choose any patterns from MotherNature like cats, ducks, tigers, and owls; you have a huge variety to choose from.
  • You can choose any bright colored flower theme with crowns made of the same flowers. The cupcakes can also be decorated with the same colors or multi-colored butterflies.
  • You can also choose to follow the famous choice of people from TV or movies. If the mom-to-be likes Harry Potter, you can inform your guests and choose to bring the magic wands with them or anything they like from the movie.
  • You can also give a heartwarming welcome to the expectant mom to be the guest of a home staged red-carpet, and other guests can also follow the same pattern.
  • You can choose a theme that is only based on a color choice. You can add a new and individualistic touch by choosing colors that are not usually related to such occasions. Bright Yellow, neon shades, apple green, lilac, or even black can be chosen.
  • The mom-to-be and guests can wear costumes with the various shades of the same color.
  • If you add a specific touch to theme according to the hobbies of the expectant mom, if she loves gardening, you can choose it as your theme.
  • You can choose a variety of option from Pinterest, anything from lovely flowers, traveling, rustic, or popular music; all this will add to a special joy and honor for the expectant mom.

Location For Baby Shower

There can be many options; you should consider the personality type of the expectant mom.

Whether she likes being in the home, enjoying a high tea or an exotic dinner.

The factors you need to keep in mind are the number of guests, weather conditions, and last but not the least; your budget.

A sensible choice will help you to make this baby shower; a success.

  1. House of the Expectant Mom

This can be the easiest choice for the expectant mom. All guests would be familiar with the place to help in preparing meals and make it a cozy occasion.

The guests will be able to use the bathroom when they want to.

  1. A Café or a Restaurant

You do not need to do much except booking the place and making the payment.

This can be easy for the mom-to-be as well, no rush and hurry to get things arranged.

  1. A Party Hall

If you a party hall, you have the convenience of help from the staff present in the hall.

They can help you to arrange things according to your planned theme and help you to enjoy your personal touch to the place.

  1. Outdoor Location

If you like to have a pleasing view in the background, you can choose any suitable location like a beach or some adorable park.

You can arrange a barbecue party or one-dish party, where each guest will bring one food item.

  1. Destinations

You can offer a luxurious time to the expectant mom to be in a spa for a session.

You can choose a destination according to her choices of some bowling alley, art workshop, or historic spot.

You need to make a choice according to the personality type and choice of the expectant mom.

Baby Shower Servings

The main course of the event is the mealtime, but you can add some activities and games to have more fun and make the event a more memorable one.

You can ask for various interesting suggestions from the guests.

There is common practice to reveal the gender of the baby by opening a box which has blue or pink-colored balloons according to the predicted gender in ultrasound.

The guests can share their personal experiences and ideas to help the mom-to-be.

Party Favors For The Guests

Though there is no compulsion, you can choose some gift for the guest as a manifestation of your love and appreciation for their presence.

It can be a pretty nail color, hive shaped soap, or a pouch having a famous character on it; it should not cost you much.


You should always try to add fun to your life. If there is a new gender this time or the age difference between the two babies is enough; then it is really fun.

These baby showers are also called ‘sprinkles.’ If the mom-to-be wants to have it, then she can invite guests who can come with appropriate gift according to the need and choice of the mom.

Thus by knowing how to plan a baby shower on a budget or at home, you can enjoy this fun-filled moment amazingly.

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