How to Potty Train a Boy? [Training Method & Problems]

How to Potty Train a Boy

Training kids to use potty chair is a tough job for the parents, especially when they have their first baby.

Training boys can prove to be an even demanding job.

Although, the positive attitude on the part of the parents can make this an interesting experience. For this, you need to how to potty train a boy quickly.

It should not be made a stressful or tough job.

You should remain calm and poise even if you find your hands or even clothes smeared at times.

Getting some useful tips can make it much easier for you to handle.

In order to teach boys to pee while sitting as well standing up using the potty chair, you need to have some tips.

Here are some expert tips that can make it an easy experience.

How to Potty Train a Boy?

Young kids learn by copying elders.

Manage to keep the toilet doors open so he can see his Daddy or elder brothers using the toilet.

Even if the father feels unwilling, motivate him to talk to his son about using a toilet.

Tell your son that Mom and Daddy use it in a different manner.

Try to use pant diapers instead of regular ones that your son can wear them when getting dressed.

Make your son feel as if he is a grown-up boy and allow him to choose his own trousers, knickers or pajamas with his favorite colored stickers or cartoon characters on them.

If your son shows interest in choosing his clothes, take him along for shopping. It would be better if his Daddy takes him along to make it a unique masculine time. Whoever takes him along discusses this trip with him in advance

Let him have a feeling like a grown-up boy who can choose his favorite colored pants, trousers, or knickers with a cartoon character. He will be particular in keeping his favorite clothes clean.

Try to buy more pairs of trousers or pants because there is a possibility that he may spoil them during early training.

In the course of early training, days, try taking him to his potty chair or toilet every hour instead that you wait for him to inform you.

Observe the signals when he needs to use a potty chair like jumping, holds his bottom, and gives some vague cues.

At first, tell him to use potty chair both for wee and poo to avoid any distractions.

This learning can be fun for him if you tell him to hold his penis and point the accurate direction.

Try to have at least one potty chair on every floor of the house to avoid rushing in an urgent situation.

This will help him to use it conveniently when it is easy to approach.

Best Time to Begin Potty Training of Boys

Training your son for using potty chair can be a success only when you know that he is ready for it.

Beginning earlier may make it a longer process. This can disturb the mother and baby both.

You need to be patient and mentally prepared for the task.

Age appropriately for training may range from 18 months to four years. It has been observed that boys stay in diapers a couple of months, more than young girls.

If they have elder brothers and sisters, he may be able to learn earlier than those firstborns.

Focus on timing when your boy is ready for learning bladder control.

When a new baby is added to the family, or he has just changed d his nursery, this is not an appropriate time to train him. He may get unwilling or feel preoccupied to accept something new.

Waiting for the time when he is relaxed can be a better idea for potty training.

Boys usually take a few more months to be trained as compared to girls.

They learn to communicate at a later age than girls.

Being more active makes it harder for them to pause and to have a break to use potty. There is no fixed age, as kids are different in many respects.

What Age to Potty Train a Boy?

Those having elder siblings may get trained at 18 months, whereas others may get trained at the age of four.

When he turns two, start observing the signs when he is ready to be potty trained.

  • Can obey your order.
  • Can tell about nappy being wet.
  • Seems to be more interested in potty and toilets.
  • Is able to pull up or down his pajamas.
  • Has developed bladder control that he does not wee for two or three hours.
  • Can sit somewhere quietly for a couple of minutes.

If he ‘cannot’ do the mentioned points, waiting a little further would be a better idea. If he ‘can,’ go-ahead, he is ready to be trained.

Getting potty trained is something new and a bit strange for young boys.

To get the right time can be critical. Stay away from training if there is a big event taking place at home, like welcoming a newborn, changing pre-school or a house.

Parents even wait for summer break to train their sons, so that they can move easily around even without clothes.

Young boys may feel encouraged to practice peeing behind any unsuspected tree in their home lawn.

Buying a potty chair is the first thing required for training your boy.

Get your son involved in buying it according to his choice.

This act can be helpful to make him interested in using it. He can use his potty easily rather than a normal commode.

He will more secure using it as he can get up and down from it easily.

Avoid buying a potty chair with a flap or else you remove it on your own.

This flap may save your toilet from pee drops. It may hurt his penis while using it.

He may possibly link this pain to using the toilet, which can result in making it a lot difficult for you to teach him.

Managing Urgent Situations

Urgent situations are unavoidable; it is better that you do not panic.

Clean up the mess gently and warn him to inform you whenever he needs to go to the toilet.

Positive reinforcement in the form of some ‘gift pack’ filled with some toy cars or some sticker, can lead to better results.

Every time, when he goes to the toilet or when washes hands allow him to pick one item of his choice from the pack.

Potty training can be fun if you put different shaped tissues that could be targeted and soaked.

Once your son has acquired how to use the potty chair, you can teach him to do it in standing position. The same practice of targeting the tissue can help him to learn it quickly.

If your son did not have circumcision, check that his foreskin is drawn back while peeing. Otherwise, it can be messy, close in urine, thus leading to inflammation.

Things to Buy For Potty Training Boys

  • Go for a potty chair without a flap or make sure that you remove it. These urine covers might save your toiled from being smeared by pee drops, but these flaps can hurt your son’s penis. This discomfort should not get linked to his potty training.
  • If your boy is finding it difficult to pee in standing position, give him his individual urinal trough. It can be attached to some wall or can be left unattached.
  • Young boys can feel relaxed and delighted if they are given some interesting book to read. Some potty training books have colorful and amusing pictures telling kids the learning process of potty training of some cartoon characters.
  • Young boys usually are not tall enough to use the toilet easily. It is good to give them a stool which can also be used to wash hands later from the washbasin.
  • Some antibacterial balls for toilet training are also available for boys to learn to target their aim.
  • It is a good idea to buy a potty chair for traveling that he is able to use easily on the go. The travel potty chairs have throwaway bags to avoid rushing during driving. These seats can get folded and can easily get fitted on any other toilet.

Tips on How to Potty Train a Boy

  • Your son can customize his potty chairs by applying his favorite stickers on them.
  • During training, period try giving your son loose clothes like pajamas with elastics, etc. Avoid giving zipped trousers or pants with buttons.
  • If you face difficulty in training your young boy, make him put some food color to put down in the trough and make him wee on it. He’ll be delighted to see it changing colors.
  • Get trousers of bigger size for him that he finds it easy to pull up and down.
  • Passing stool or poo can be a little more difficult for your young boy than weeing.
  • He can find it difficult to stay longer on a potty chair for poo, and you can give him a mobile phone or some other gadget to keep him engaged in the toilet. He should be told that this gadget is to be used in toilets only.

Altogether, by following the tips on how to potty train a boy, you can build a positive attitude and successfully train your kid.

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