How to Potty Train A Girl Fast? [Easy & Successful Tips]

How to Potty Train A Girl Fast

Potty training children can be a very stressful task for parents.

Soon as your kid is old enough, you start to dread about this Behemoth of a responsibility that lies ahead of you.

Especially with the girls, it can get even more tedious.

You need guidance on how to potty train a girl.

Parents are anxious about overwhelming the kid, and not really knowing if she is ready for the training.

Before we proceed with this article, I would like to assure you that this is not something that you should be overly concerned about.

Here are a few tips that will make this process a lot smoother and easier for you and your girl.

How to Potty Train A Girl?

Here is a step by step detailed plan to make the process of potty training a girl much easier for you.

  • Get Her Familiar with Bathroom

The first step is to make your daughter acquainted with the bathroom, toilet seat, and other things in it. Make her feel comfortable there and let her get familiar with it.

Depending on how old your daughter is, you may ask her to go with you to the toilet.

You can show your daughter her pot and suggest how the business is done there in whatever language you feel is appropriate for her.

Familiarize her with how the commode and flush works, and how it is used.

It will surely fascinate your little girl. If the sound of flushing startles her at first, slow down the process a bit.

Let her know that soon she will have to use it too, and it will be the first step for her in doing big girl stuff.

  • Do Not Scold Her at Any Point

The key to making this an easier process is to ease your daughter into it. You need to be careful about how you react if your daughter is not responding well.

Do not scold her at any point.

If she is wearing a diaper, tell her it is completely ok, but it is even better if she starts learning the toilet routine.

You need to tell her that once she has learned to use the potty, she will no longer have to wear diapers.

You can also show her the example of any sibling or friend, who does not wear a diaper anymore.

You should assure her that without a diaper, life is a lot easier and much more fun.

  • Appreciate the Progress

Whenever your daughter makes progress in the learning process, make sure that you appreciate her efforts.

Do not pressurize her at any point.

You can extend this to other activities like eating from a bowl or drinking from a cup by herself. Let her know that you are proud of her progress and big girl behavior.

Tell her, now that she is smart and mature in a number of ways now; it will be easier for her to potty on her own too.

  • Showing Her thePotty Seat

Now there are a number of options available for potty seats.

Whichever you pick for your girl, whether it is the toddler potty or the one that you could attach to the toilet seat, should be chosen depending on the progress and willingness shown by your child.

You should involve her in the process of selecting the potty seat, ideally, go with her favorite color, and it should have some patterns on it.

You can demonstrate it by placing it on the floor and asking her to sit on the seat. Be there with her through all of this process if she is scared.

  • Showing Her How To Undress

Showing your kid how to use the potty is just as important as teaching her how to sit on the seat.

This is where you will have to demonstrate the process in detail until your daughter understands.

One she has learned how to sit on a seat, you can proceed to show her to pull up the pants when she is done.

  • Getting A Stepping Stool

If you decide to go with the potty seat that can be attached to the main toilet seat, then it is recommended to get a stepping stool for the potty too. It will make it easier for your daughter to reach the level of the normal toilet seat.

Usually, these seats have this option available with them at the time of purchase.

They are easy and safe to use for your child so that her legs will not be dangling around when she is sitting on the seat.

  • Dealing with Training Accidents

One thing to keep in mind is that potty training a girl will take time and a lot of patience.

It might become a tiring process for you but do not give up, and she will learn this routine in no time. If any kind of accidents occurs during the training, do not get upset or scold her.

They are a part of learning and this exercise. So just chin up and move on.

Always encourage her if something happens and do not punish or shame her whatsoever.

One of the tricks to make this process easier is by telling her what to do instead of asking her.

You might not get the answer you are looking for if you ask her if she has to go potty.

It would be much better if you give the direction and don’t forget to give rewards for compliance.

  • Setting A Routine

Once you have shown your daughter the basics of potty on her own, you can proceed to teach her the next step, which is forming a routine. The first thing is to start it in the morning after she wakes up.

Once you ask her to do this every day, it will become a routine. You can also do this; she has had breakfast.

  • Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable clothing is very important, just as much as the potty seat that you picked. It is crucial to dress your daughter in clothes that are easier for her to pull down and up on her own.

It will be easier to learn if it is not difficult for her to deal with clothes.

Switch her wardrobe if she is having trouble, as you don’t want your kid to poo in their pants because she was not able to pull them down.

When to Start Potty Training Girls?

Mothers with young daughters always ask this question, what is the right age to start potty training girls? Although it is similar for every kid, it is when a kid starts showing readiness.

As for girls, it normally starts to happen when they are around 18 months of age.

This can be a little early or a little late in some girls. It has been noticed that training your girl when she is between the ages of 2,3 years old generates optimal results.

When it comes to exhibiting the signs of readiness, the girls usually do a few months earlier than the boys.

There is no hard and fast rule for this, and kids with older siblings tend to show signs of readiness and awareness even earlier.

If there are some kinds of changes going on in your family, or your daughter has a new daycare, giving potty training a bit more time is recommended. You should wait until your kid has adjusted. Otherwise, it will be difficult to potty train your kid.

This process takes a lot of time, which can vary from one kid to another, so no two children should be compared depending on their readiness for potty training.

How to Potty Train a Girl at Night?

Night training is an advanced level for potty training, which is normally taught after the kid has learned the regular potty training.

The readiness for this level is shown when the key does not poo in her diapers during the day time nap or night’s sleep.

There is no way to tell for sure about the time you can take off the diapers when the kid is sleeping. There will be occasional accidents for some time, even after the kid has learned potty training.

There is no need to get rid of diapers right away, but once you think your kid is ready, you should go ahead with it. You can start by adding waterproof mattress protection covers under your baby when she is sleeping.

You should take her to the bathroom before she goes to sleep, and right after she wakes up from her slumber. It will be a few days before you could go with all nights without diapers.

The key is to take her to potty before she goes to sleep and after she gets up. Hopefully, there won’t be any accidents, but if any occur, you can switch back to the diapers for a couple of days before trying again.

I sincerely hope these tips help you how to potty train a girl. The key is to be patient and not rush through the process, and if you follow the suggestions in the article, your baby will be making great progress.

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