How To Raise a Boy Right

How To Raise a Boy Right

Looking into the eyes of her newborn son; begins a series of dreams and aspirations in the mind of a new mom. She knows that her decisions and efforts to raise him are going to mark the type of life her son is going to live.

She aspires to raise him as a confident, caring, and responsible man.

This excellent guide on how to raise a boy right will help the moms make their dream come true.

How To Raise a Boy Right?

Some valuable ideas are given here, with chances, to help you raise your son the way you desire him to be in the future.

  • Help Him in Managing Emotions

The real-life is quite different from that of the movies; here, you prefer to have an emotionally stable man instead of the silent, strong, and the macho type of man in the movies.

If you find your son upset; instead of helping him to share his feeling, you tell him to buck up, you are teaching him to hide back his feelings.

A psychological study shows that parents encourage their daughters to share their feelings more as compared to boys. They try to help their daughters to feel comforted more than their sons.

Resultantly, most of the boys are raised with the habit of hiding emotions and not able to communicate effectively. When they grow up, they find it hard to relate, having bottled up grumbling feelings.

  • Teach him to be Empathetic

According to a psychologist, being empathetic is a beneficial social skill; that teaches the boys to feel compassion for others, holding no intent to hurt them. By showing empathy to your son; you are providing an excellent foundation for personality development to your son.

This task has become somehow difficult for mothers.

According to some recent researches, the college students show 40 % lesser empathy as compared to the students twenty years back.

The researchers show that two significant factors have contributed to it.

The first reason for making kids numb feelings towards others is playing brutal video games. The second one is the excessive use of social networks and a large number of virtual friends; young children find it harder to have true feelings for others.

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Strengthen His Self Respect

One appealing quality of most admired men is to have confidence.

It is not an egotistical feel but not a self-assured one. You also want your son to be competent, confident, and self-assured.

One crucial point, according to psychologists, is that instead of telling your son that he is the best, appreciate his efforts in doing various things. You should not praise his talents instead admire his efforts in accomplishing his goals. Such efforts will surely help you be an impressive mom.

Kids who are admired for the way they strive to do something are seen as more confident and better able to tackle the situations.

  • Inculcate the Habit of Respecting Others

It is seen that the young boys who are taught to obey rules, listening to elders, and having interactions in a loving manner become well-behaved men in the future. It is not something they have to be told; it becomes their second nature.

Being a mom, you have the great responsibility of holding your son responsible for any misbehave or negligence in following the rules.

If you keep pampering your son despite being irresponsible and neglecting rules, your son is likely to be uncaring, unmotivated, and spoiled when he grows up.

  • Be Affectionate

Your son enjoyed your love and affection in early childhood. Some kids have separation anxiety.

During adolescence, he is less likely to enjoy it. Boys usually tend to get separated from their moms for establishing their independence.

Remember that the boys who grow up in such an affectionate environment are likely to display it. If your adolescent boy doesn’t appreciate being hugged and kissed, still you should find ways that keep conveying your love and affection to him.

Your son may not feel comfortable being kissed, but you can pat on his shoulders, or touch his head or give him a gentle kiss on his forehead before sleep.

Try not to disturb him by overdoing, keep it low but a constant reminder of your love for him. According to doctors, a boy needs to experience physical tenderness for becoming an affectionate man in future.

If your son comes home in an irritated mood, instead of asking many questions, you can show your concern about his bad mood. Gradually he can feel encouraged to share that he is not happy with his teacher giving a lot of homework or that he finds his school boring.

  • Role of Father

Boys naturally feel great when they find their dads spending time with them.

They enjoy the feeling of being loved by their dads. Your son likes dads’ company and feels great to know that his dad is available if he needs him. This makes him feel relaxed with the sense of security.

He learns the role of a good dad for his future.

Boys learn it from their dads; how to treat women.

According to a psychiatrist, a man should take care of behaving well with his wife, and he should admit his mistakes, apologize if required and should behave respectfully even when he doesn’t agree.

According to research, playful activities like wrestling helps in teaching boys how to handle physical impulses and how to regulate emotions. It is good that fathers share the responsibility of bringing up their boys in the right way.

How to Raise a Boy Right Without a Father?

You can do this by:

  • Providing role models
  • Showing love
  • Setting limits
  • Arranging family time


According to a psychologist, specialized in adolescent studies, the stereotyped image of being ‘manly’ is a tough guy. This school of thought appreciates a man, who is stoic, reserve, and inexpressive to share his feelings.

Focusing and appreciating his particular efforts is better than simply telling him that you are proud of him.

Instead of sermonizing or giving a lecture, it would be better that you echo his feelings.

You can tell him that you can see him much burdened by homework, and ask him what he has got to do for the day.

Their, Your boy will find your company comforting by your gentle concern.

By and large, boys can become better friends, husbands, and good dads if they can understand the feeling of others effectively, and this can only be done if moms know how to raise a boy right.

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