How to Soothe Teething Baby Pain Naturally?

How to Soothe Teething Baby

A baby may get his first tooth without having any problem, but this process could have been extended and much painful.

You need to cuddle your baby a lot in this time period as he needs your special care.

For this, you must know how to soothe a teething baby.

How to Soothe Teething Baby Pain Naturally?

The baby may develop diarrhea or fever, just before the eruption of a tooth.

But you should not assume every symptom to be that of teething. If it troubles you much, you should visit your pediatrician.

Baby Teething Symptoms

If you feel that your baby is about to have teeth soon, knowledge of some signs can help you in being sure.

  • Swollen and red gums
  • Red and flushed face or cheeks
  • Dripping heavy saliva
  • Sucking, biting or rubbing gums
  • Rubbing of the ear on the side of an emerging tooth
  • No proper feeding
  • Restlessness and irritation

How to Treat Rashes Caused due to Dribbling?

Use a soft piece of cotton to clean the drool dribbling from the chin of your baby.

You should wipe his chin very gently to avoid the skin getting irritated. You can use petroleum jelly to soothe his skin, before bedtime or taking him out of the home.

This can help in protecting his skin from getting sore.

Why Teething Hurts a Lot?

The development of baby’s teeth started when he was still in the womb; these teeth buds had formed in his gums. This is the time when his teeth have started pressing through his gums.

This causes great pain and swelling in the gums.

This pain is just the same as that of the wisdom tooth.

Your baby can relieve his pain by exerting pressure on his gums by chewing.

At this stage, gums often tend to be much sensitive.

This teething stage can cause your baby to start refraining from bottle feed as well as breastfeeding.

Ways to Relieve Painful Gums

It is better than before trying any pain-relieving products or gels, and you opt for some other useful tips mentioned below:

Natural Remedies For Teething

Natural Remedies For Teething

No matter how painful is the teething process, there is no escape.

One good thing is that none of us remembers this pain later.

Parents are often concerned about the ways to relieve their babies of this pain and help him in reaching this important milestone.

Here some tried and tested remedies are given for relieving the pain of teething babies.

  1. Cold

It is the first and foremost helpful remedy to apply some cold thing to numb baby’s gums. You can use different free and straightforward methods.

Things required are the ones; most probably present in every home.

  • You can freeze some clean piece of cloth by wetting half part of it. You can give it to your baby for chewing on the frozen part of it.
  • Some babies lose their appetite during the teething process. You can offer them some cold chunks of fruits, homemade baby food, fruit sauces, and yogurt (suitable for babies who have started eating solid foods).
  • You can put some ice cubes securely covered by a cotton or muslin cloth.
  • You can offer some baby soothers, but they are harder to clean. It is better that you use some silicone feeders; that babies can hold comfortably.

Frozen fruits like bananas or ice cubes made of breast milk can be placed in them for helping babies to munch on something cold.

  1. Applying Pressure

You can judge that the teething stage of a baby has started; when he is found chewing everything that he finds, just like a puppy.

Applying pressure on different things with his gums helps him in soothing the pain.

It is interesting but sometimes awkward to see your baby chewing anything that he finds around, ranging from his fingers, his toys, chairs, tables, and even his siblings.

You can find a large variety of colorful soothers and teething toys in the market.

But the cleanliness conscious mothers find it hard to opt for them. Still, if they search properly, they can find some teething toys that are cute and full of fun for kids.

  1. Teething Necklaces

Teething jewelry like necklaces are a new addition to your jewelry, but this time, it is for your baby and not you.

Teething necklaces made of silicone are comfortable to be worn by babies, and they can help prevent your baby from snatching your earrings.

There is no chance of its falling and getting smeared.

These necklaces look good on baby’s neck, and he enjoys chewing on its soft beads.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a special herb helpful in calming down and relaxing the nerves and for soothing pain. It is good that you keep chamomile in your home in routine.

You can use it in making tea.

You can make its ice cubes by pouring it in ice cubes tray.

You can offer these chamomile tea cubes to your baby after placing them securely in a muslin bag. He can enjoy gnawing them and sipping the melting tea.

This way, he can get the soothing impact of chamomile as well.

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  1. Amber Necklaces for Teething

In the past few years, amber necklaces have become quite a popular choice.

The theory behind the making of Amber necklaces is that when a baby chews it, his warmth releases the spirit of Amber; Succinic acid.

Succinic acid is said to have pain-relieving qualities to help to relieve the body pain.

It is not easy to prove the point that these Amber necklaces are useful, but we can find reviews and testimonials about its being a success.

Always take care that these amber beads are not swallowed by your baby to avoid choking.

How to Soothe Teething Baby at Night?

Special care must be taken when you are placing something around the neck of your baby. You must remove it when he falls asleep.

The success story of Amber necklace with one baby does not guarantee success with all other babies.

These teething accessories are helpful for kids younger than six months.

When the baby is six months of age or more, you can offer your baby to chew on some cold and soft foods. Cold cucumbers and bananas can be a good choice.

Don’t opt for any hard food even if your baby can chew to break it into pieces, and there can always be a choking hazard linked to it.

Is it Fine to Opt for Teething Gels and Other Remedies?

The teething gels that are available in the market often contain sedatives and antiseptics; they help relieve the pain and in preventing infections.

They can provide temporary relief to baby’s gums when they are applied with some cotton pad or a washed finger. But you cannot expect these gels to stay for an extended period in your baby’s mouth.

They are likely to be worn off or swept away the saliva in your baby’s mouth.

Before buying any of these gels, always read the instructions on its pack and try to follow them carefully.

Choose gels which are sugar-free and are specially made for young babies.

You must avoid the temptation of applying more quantity than the one suggested on the pack.

If your baby is four months old or younger, you must consult the doctor before applying any of these teething gels and other suggested remedies.

It is better and safe to use homeopathic powders or granules for teething babies.

They can be poured directly into the baby’s mouth. You can mix some of them in boiled and cold water and offer your kids to drink them.

The researchers have shown moms who have used they display a high level of satisfaction.

Always try to use sugar-free brands, as sugar causes tooth decay. It would not be a good idea to cover your baby’s newly emerging teeth with sugar.

Is it Safe to Give Paracetamol to Infants?

Yes, you can give infant ibuprofen and infant Paracetamol to your baby.

You should not give these two together unless you have consulted some doctor. Also, ask him about the exact dose to be given to an infant.

Before giving such medicines to your infants, make sure that your baby is having a teething problem or some infection in ears.

How Long is the Teething Process?

You cannot be given the exact time of the arrival of your baby’s first tooth.

Usually, babies have their first tooth when they are almost six months old.

But some babies can have it even before birth, and some even do not have it before their first birthdays.

It may take your baby a whole year in the teething process, but this process of having milk teeth must get completed before the baby is two years old and a half.

Your baby’s first tooth is expected to be much pain for him, but other upcoming teeth may not cause much trouble. The next problematic stage can be the appearance of molars.

Till that time, you and your baby would have forgotten the previous painful stage.

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Some babies develop a fever during teething. The baby also feels restless sometimes.

In such a painful situation, you need to relieve your baby.

For this, you can make use of natural remedies like chamomile tea, teething necklaces, and applying pressure.

Various teething gels are also available in the market.

This article has wonderfully explained to you how to soothe a teething baby. This way, you can get your baby out of this painful process calmly.

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