How To Sterilize Baby Feeding Bottles With Boiling Water?

how to sterilize baby bottles

The immunity system of young babies is not strong enough to combat germs; therefore, they need to be fed in clean feeders.

You will get the best guide on how to sterilize baby bottles quickly in this superb post.

According to pediatricians, the feeders and nipples of these feeders should be sterilized in boiling water in some pan or dishwashers.

If the dishwasher is not available, even a microwave feeder sterilizer can also be helpful. You can easily sterilize only one feeder in ninety seconds.

How To Sterilize Baby Bottles?

Baby feeders are used on used regularly, and, significantly, you keep them thoroughly cleaned, and this cleanliness is carefully maintained as well.

You must sterilize these feeders regularly to keep them bacteria-free. This cleanliness will keep the feeders bacteria-free, thus ensuring the health and safety of your baby.

How Often the Baby Feeders Be Sterilized?

Along with regular washing and cleaning of feeders, they must be sterilized to ensure additional protection. Regular cleaning and sterilizing should be regularly maintained.

According to pediatricians, you must sterilize a feeder at least once when you buy it.

You don’t have the knowledge that where these feeders were before being packed and handed over to you.

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Why Should the Baby Feeders Be Sterilized?

Moms at times do not feel like sterilizing their babies’ newly bought feeders. They are mistaken in their view that the newly purchased bottles are clean.

It is strongly recommended to sterilize these feeders before their first use. Being manufactured in some factory, they must have got coated by different types of chemicals.

Moreover, many people must have handled them in factories, during transportations and eventually in selling stores. Your baby’s feeder could have been infected during any of these procedures.

Many people shudder by the names of viruses and bacteria, it for the same reason, these feeding bottles need to be sterilized. Germs and bacteria can easily comfortably reside in them because of the milk present. These bacteria could invade this feeding bottle if you forgot to clean them in time.

Washing only with water cannot remove these bacteria and can eventually lead to some terrible health issue in your little one.

You got lucky that you do not have to purchase any specific products to sterilize these feeders; you can do sterilize these feeders conveniently in the kitchen.

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles By Boiling?

Collect all the baby feeders and sterilize them all together. Sterilize the baby feeders, nipples as well as covers. Things required for sterilization are mentioned below:

  1. A suitably sized kitchen pot or pan, according to the number and size of the feeders you are going to sterilize together. You can judge the pan size on your own.
  2. A towel for cleaning and drying the feeders.
  3. Tongs for placing the feeders and for removing them from the boiling water.

Fill the pan with water and boil it, when water is set to boil, you can open all the feeder accessories. The feeder nipple can be the possible spot for bacteria to grow on.

You can put the feeder and nipples in the bubbling water with the tongs keep pushing them with these tongs.

Put all the bottles together in the pan according to its size. Avoid filling it to the brim; otherwise, water will overflow from it. Boil the feeder nipples only for thirty seconds.

You can boil the feeders at least for five minutes.

This time can be sufficient to kill all bacteria from the feeding bottles. With the help of tongs, take out all parts of the feeder and place them on some towel to let them dry.

Should the Feeders Be Sterilized Before Every Use?

You should meticulously manage a routine to wash the feeder when your baby has finished his feed.

At times, you can be busy enough to forget washing it instantly or you being occupied with some household or office workload fail to manage the routine of timely washing; then it is strongly recommended to sterilize the feeders.

It may sound boring or be taxing sterilizing the feeding bottles, but it is not such a hard job. You can finish this whole sterilizing procedure within thirty minutes.

Being parents, you are concerned about the health of your little one. If you manage a routine to sterilize his feeding bottles, you can feel relaxed being convinced of your baby’s safety against bacteria. Any effort to gain this satisfaction is worth it.

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For baby’s safety and health, it is essential to sterilize a feeder before giving it to your little one. Once the feeders are sterilized, they do not require to be sterilized again.

According to specialists, many years back, the water supplies were not clean, and the items to be used by young babies needed to be sterilized. Thankfully conditions have improved a bit now.

All in all, by knowing how to sterilize baby bottles by boiling, you can get rid of various bacterias.

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