How to Teach a Child to Read? [Guide For Reading Skills]

How to Teach a Child to Read

One of the first things that the parents worry about when their kid is old enough is to teach him how to read.

For this, parents need to know how to teach a child to read.

Reading is one of those essential life skills that can be taught at home and do not require childhood education degree or costly syllabus.

By the time a child is 3 to 4 years old, he has already learned a number of life skills like using the washroom, dressing, etc.

If a child is being brought up in an environment that is literate and fosters a fondness for reading from early on, three years old preschool kid would be ready to learn how to read.

Thanks to the environment, your kid will not have a lot of trouble learning it. If the kid is being taught through a Phonics based method, he will be learning to both write and spell at the same time. Parents find this teaching process extremely rewarding.

How to Teach a Child to Read?

Following are a few guidelines that you can follow to make this process more efficient.

  • Read To your Child

For the children who are used to of being around books from early on, they will have an idea of the words, sounds, and pictures within a book.

Especially for the kids who enjoy being read to from the books, while sitting in the warm embrace of their parents.

For them, reading and looking at the books will not be a forced activity or a chore. They will find it easier to move on to the reading stage, and they will have a head start in the learning process.

You just stick to narrating from the text; when you are reading a book to your child, it will eventually start to bore them.

  • Teaching Four Year Olds How to Read

Usually, by the age of four, a child has already developed a considerable vocabulary.

They are also able to string together sentences that are 5 to 8 words long, and they are able to communicate easily by now.

Your child will not have a problem with basic phonetic readers if she is already being taught how to read. The kid will start to enjoy collecting those children’s books and even develop a collection, which can grow extensively by the time your kid reaches levels of kindergarten. This will make the kid fall in love with the idea of reading and having books.

At this point, both in an academic and non-academic environment, differences in the abilities of children become clear.

Your kid will have an edge, as usual, the other children will start the basics of learning how to read. If a child is taught the reading skills at an early age, he will excel during this stage of his early academic life. This way you can play your part in being a marvelous mom.

  • Best Books for Teaching Reading Skills to a Child

To make this process more effective, you need to know what kind of books you are going to read to your child.

Even for the kids who have started to read, you need to continue reading to them.

The ideal books to read your child are the ones that portray the rich and diverse aspects of the world we live in. Books there are about kids from other cultures, nationalities, races, family backgrounds, etc. you have been expanding the point of view your kid has of the world.

Meanwhile, the books that talk about the everyday reality of life and the environment that you live in our also important.

They will be just as fascinating as the books that are about the world unfamiliar to them.

Books that the kid can relate to and teaches life lessons like empathy, love, etc. Also, the books that talk about fantasy characters to stir up the imagination of your child.

  • What Else to Do?

When you are reading a book to your kid, you need to go beyond just reading the story. Be very descriptive about what is happening in the story, and in the pictures.

Get your kid involved by asking them questions like what do they think will happen next in the story.

You will not only be improving the reading but also the storytelling skills of your kid. Also, teach your kid how to be respectful to the books and be gentle when putting the book back in the shelf.

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  • Use Everyday Resources

Making use of everyday objects and resources to teach reading skills to your kid can be a great idea. Educational Games and Toys are one such free resources that can come in handy along with mobile apps. You can take help from some amazing learning apps too.

You can draw up words in the food and ask your kid to read them. You can also use a whiteboard to write stuff for your kid’s reading practice.

How to Teach a 5-Year-Old Child to Read Faster?

Even when your kid has learned the basics of reading, you should not give up on reading stories to them.

Read all sorts of fantasies and fairy tales, fill the imagination of your kid with all kinds of wonderful and fanciful stuff that makes them believe that there is a connection between pleasure and reading.

Let them know that there is an entire world hiding beneath the words in a book.


Teaching a kid how to read simply requires patience, time, and knowing your child is ready.

If you are looking for guidance, a bunch of great books can assist you and walk you through the entire process.

Along with that, instructional kits on Phonics are also available, which show the parents step-by-step guidelines to the approach of teaching their kid how to read.

You should make it more exciting by showing them and involving the pictures from the stories.

This is where you will have to make a connection between the pictures and the book and fun for the child.

A world that is waiting for their discovery as soon as they learn how to read. A world that only gets better, the more they read.

Altogether parents should have knowledge of how to teach a child to read so that their kid can learn more and more.

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