How to Wash Baby Hair in the Tub?

How to Wash Baby Hair in the Tub

Baby’s hairs are supposed to be the most delicate body part. The hairs grow from an underdeveloped skull of the baby and can be tangled easily as the baby grows.

If you don’t know how to wash baby hair, then don’t be sad as it is not that much hard.

Fortunately, babies don’t come with an instruction manual, and due to this, some parent feels confused while bathing the baby.

You need to maintain a hands-off approach while caring for your infant’s hair.

This handy guide will let you know how to wash baby hair in the tub when to bath and wash newborn hair for the first time and a lot more in this regard.

This way, you will have a bonding and a soothing experience with your little one.

How to Wash Baby Hair in the Tub?

Also, keep in mind while bathing infants that never left them unattended. They can slide down, and this way become submerged in the water. Also, the baby bath seat doesn’t give you full assurance that your infant will be safe and sound there too.

Put the shampoo, washcloth, soap, and all other essential things that you will need while bathing close by. This way, you will not have to leave the room to get these things while the baby is in the tub.

Afterward, fill the about tub with 2-3 inch water. Make sure the bathtub is not much hot, although it can be a bit warm.

You can test the water temperature with your elbow. The temperature should not be more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a wet washcloth to wash your baby’s face.

You can clean the face and eyes of your baby with a washcloth(with no soap).

While giving a bath to your baby in the bathtub, make the baby sit comfortably in the bathtub with your elbow on the back of the baby and gently bring the body of the baby backward such that the head touches the water. Then rinse the shampoo and then rewash it by moving its head in the backward direction. Also, get boogers out from the baby’s nose

If the baby’s head is in the backward direction, then the shampoo will not get into his eyes.

Take the baby out of the bathtub by putting one hand at the bottom and the other hand at the neck and back.

Firmly hold the body of the baby so that the little one doesn’t slide away.

If the skin of your baby is much dry, then you can use lotion.

Tap a towel around the head of the baby gently to dry his hair. You can also brush his hair with a soft-bristled brush.

If the infant doesn’t like bathing in the bathtub, then don’t force him to stay in the water.

In such a case, you can clean the body of the baby with a washcloth. Then bring him into bathtub routine slowly.

Wet Baby Brush

You can also wet the little one’s hair by rinsing them in a bowl of water.

Choosing the Best Baby Shampoo For Hair Growth

Choose a gentle shampoo for your baby. You need to use the shampoo that is latex-free and is safe for the eyes and skin of the baby.

Also get the one that has a neutral pH and is designed specifically for newborn hairs.

Drying the Baby’s Hair

This depends on personal preferences. Some parent prefers to dry the baby’s hair soon after bathing the baby while some leave the baby hair to dry naturally.

In winter, you need to dry the hairs as soon as you get the baby out after a bath.

To dry your baby’s hair use a soft towel and stroke it on your baby’s hair gently. This way, the towel will soak up the water.

If you use a hairdryer to dry baby’s hair, then do set the low temperature and keep it at a distance of almost 12-inches from the baby’s head.

When to Wash Newborn Hair For the First Time?

The first bath of the baby is a real milestone. Babies are given their first bath, usually in the hospital by the nurse. This first bath of the baby occurs after 2-12 hours of the birth.
After this hospital bath, the newborns are given the next bath at their home from day 4 of their bath.

How Often to Wash Black Baby Hair?

It is not necessary to wash the baby’s hair daily. You can do it if your little one sweats too much or has an issue with the cradle cap.

Many pediatricians recommend bathing the infant 1-2 times each week. Also, some of them say that it is not mandatory to wash the hairs of the baby with each bath.

It is better to limit washing the baby’s hair once a week.

How to Wash Baby Hair With Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is small yellow scratches on the head of the baby that appear like dried milk. They appear due to the sebaceous glands of the baby. The hormones of the mother stimulate this gland during the pregnancy time, and it causes sebum on the head of the baby.

The cradle cap is a dandruff-like condition that is not much harmful but might bother you a lot.

Baby Hair Loss Due to Cradle Cap? How to Prevent it?

The cradle caps will make the skin of your baby look greasy. Also, the little one will have dark scale patches on his scalp.

Some doctors recommend washing the baby’s hair more regularly in case of cradle cap.

Wash your baby’s hair regularly in case of cradle caps as it will wash away the extra oil.

Also, brush his hairs with a soft baby brush. This way, the scales will lose and will fall short.

Final Words

You might feel a bit hesitant on washing your baby’s hairs for the first time. Well, there is nothing to be stressed about in this regard.

The helpful tips given above will surely build up your confidence in washing your baby’s hairs.
If you know how to wash baby hair in the tub, then the experience of bathing your baby will be a pleasant one for both you and your baby.

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