How to Clean Baby’s Ear Wax and Infection Safely?

how to clean baby ear wax

New moms often care a lot about everything for their babies.

Cleaning ear wax from baby’s ears makes them concerned. It is advised to be cautious about clearing the baby’s ear.

Care should be taken to avoid rupturing the eardrum.

They are interested to know how to clean baby ear wax safely.

New moms can get a variety of advice or information from different sources, some may be good and effective ones, but others may not be safe.

How to Clean Baby’s Ear Wax?

Elders deal with ear wax in their routine.

But only a few people notice that there is hardly any ear wax (cerumen) built up in your infant’s ears. Cerumen is a blend of non-viscous secretions from the sweat glands and secretions from sebaceous glands.

Babies do not have these secretions in overabundance.

If you find ear wax built up on baby’s ears, it is good to take your baby to the pediatrician for a proper check-up.

You are advised to take your baby to the pediatrician quickly if you find your baby disturbed by some yellow waxy matter in his ears. It can be some ear infection, instead of ear wax.

If this infection is not treated properly, it can be much painful and also lead to lasting damage and scars in the eardrum.

You can get it treated in the following systematic manner.

Things Required:

  • Glass bottle
  • Washcloth
  • Eyedropper
  • Rubber ear bulb
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Word Of Caution

Never try using Hydrogen peroxide drops to clear the baby’s ears when the baby is not able to support his head yet.

This will prevent the mixture from being drained from the baby’s ear.

  • 1st Step

Get a soft cloth, damped with lukewarm water, and clear the wax accumulated around the outer ear of your baby.

Do not try pushing this washcloth deep into the ears. Mostly you don’t need to do it because they can come out on its own.

  • 2nd Step

It is good to have some suggestions from the pediatricians of how to clear the wax from the inner side of the baby’s ears.

If he finds it important, he can prescribe to use some ear drops or some small scoop to clear them out.

  • 3rd Step

Fill a small glass bottle half with water and half with hydrogen peroxide shake the bottle well to combine both.

Before using his mixture for clearing your baby’s ears, it is important to have consulted the pediatrician.

  • 4th Step

Check your baby’s routine and choose a particular time when the baby is relaxed enough to get the drops administered into the ears. You can get the glass bottle little warmed by holding it in your hands.

Lay down your baby in your lap, keeping the blocked ear pointing up. Using an eyedropper, you can put the solution into the baby’s ear one by one to fill it.

  • 5th Step

Wait for some before allowing your baby back to sitting position.

These drops will moisten the wax and help it running out of the ear.

Now you can clear the wax and these drops with a moist washcloth.

  • 6th Step

You can repeat the procedure once a day for 3-5 days.

During the baby bath, you can splash mildly warm water into the blocked ear of your baby by using a rubber ear bulb.

This can make the wax to flow out of baby’s ear in large lumps.

How to Clean Baby’s Ear Wax and Infection Safely Using Washcloth?

The treatment that most of the pediatricians recommend is to damp the washcloth with warm water and softly clean the outer ear of the baby. It is fine if you make a pointed tip of this washcloth to clear a little more into the inner canal of the ear, but never try using some hard thing to go inside the ear canal.

You can even pour a few drops of lukewarm water into the baby’s ear provided that you are quick enough to change baby’s side to drain the water instantly. If water is not drained quickly, it can get much painful for the baby.

Natural Remedies

An old school of thought approves of using olive oil for softening and clearing ear wax of babies.

This may work effectively for elders, but it is not a good idea to follow unless you have consulted the pediatrician.

There are homeopathic remedies and ear candles used by elders, but they cannot be considered secure for babies. Even some pharmacies sale ear syringes for clearing baby’s wax but its unexpected pressure can damage baby’s soft eardrums.

How Frequently Can You Clean Baby’s Ears?

If you maintain a good routine of clearing your baby’s outer ear with a washcloth during bathing, you can keep baby’s ear clean normally. Routine cleaning can save a baby’s ears from having any trouble.

Avoid using any suggested remedy you can cause trouble to your baby instead of solving the issue.

If you find excessive recurring of wax buildup, it is suggested to get baby’s earwax cleaned by some trained professionals to ensure the safety of your child.


New moms should be careful in choosing what to do. If some advice doesn’t sound secure, it is better to consult the pediatrician before opting for some home remedy, thus causing potential damage to the baby’s ear and hearing.

It is normal for all age groups children to have mild to a medium buildup of earwax.

The external side of the ear can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth. But it is recommended by doctors to leave some wax in the inner side of an ear canal.

If you clean it with a cotton swab or some tool to clear the deeper wax, it can develop some infection.

Even baby’s eardrum can get ruptured if you try to clear the wax from the inner side of the ear. If you feel bothered by excessive buildup of earwax, you can try a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Still, it is better to consult your baby’s pediatrician first.

By and large, moms need to know how to clean baby ear wax safely.

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