Indoor Activities for Toddlers (Play and Fun Time)

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Parents with toddlers are always looking for the next best activity to keep their young kid occupied.

Whether it is too hot to be outside, on a bright Sunny Summer Day or it is raining and wet, or it is just the freeze of the winter, parents can always use some activities to make the indoor time of their kids productive.

Having creative and entertaining projects for your toddlers to work on can be a great use of time.

Indoor Play and Fun Activities for Toddlers

Listed below are a number of such activities that you can engage in with your toddler, and most of them only require simple and cheap supplies.

  1. Marshmallow Tinkertoys

If you just come by now marshmallow bag with filled pretzels takes, you can build a number of tinker toys like the tepee, a 3D house, etc.

Your toddler will have the freedom to use sticks to skewer the marshmallows turn them into a masterpiece.

You can make it more interesting by adding toy dogs, cats, or other animals inside the house, and then have your kid blow down the house like a tornado.

  1. Bingo with Family Photos

This Bingo with a twist will not only sharpen the memory of your toddler but also help him learn about other members of the family through this game.

You can quickly start by taking some family photos and arranging them three in a row, then giving you toddler nine cards or checkers to use as Bingo chips.

You can then start by taking names of different family members, and your toddler will place a card on the photo.

The winner will be the one to get three cards in a row.

  1. Sugar-Cookie Pizzas

Well, this is not the kind of recipe that can take your kid to a junior chef competition.

It is a simple and sweet project, nonetheless.

It starts by taking a number of thick slices off a roll of sugar cookie dough that has been refrigerated.

After that, flatten the slices and widen them on a cookie sheet and then put them in the microwave.

Once they have an old town, you can have your toddler food decoration on these fresh pies by letting their creativity roam freely.

  1. Disco Dance

Mostly the toddlers are fond of jumping around and dancing.

You can get creative with it by putting on one of the classic disco jams and have your toddler dance to it.

You can also create a similar ambiance, by the way, the lights, closing the curtains and handing the kids flashlights to twirl around for an authentic disco experience.

  1. Barbie Beach Party

This is fun activities to have with your toddler daughter, and it will involve a lot of her bikini-clad Barbie dolls.

To create an authentic beach body experience with the barbies, you can use the washcloth as beach towels, baby lotion as sunscreen and head to the tub for this fun activity.

While you are at it, throw in a pair of sunglasses, a hat and some juice in a sippy cup for making it even better.

  1. Car Wash Day

It is a great activity if your toddler is fond of cars and other model toys.

You can arrange a car wash day for these toys.

Take the cars to the top in hand your kid squeeze bottles and plant sprayers to use as cleaning supplies.

  1. Pirate Play

If your toddler digs the pirate-related activities, you can make them go on a treasure hunt like pirates.

Some kids simply love everything that has anything to do with pirates.

You can replicate the Treasure hunts by putting wooden blocks in aluminum foil and scattering them in different corners of the house.

Make sure that there are there discoverable by your kids. And your kid, a Flashlight and a small bag and lead them on a voyage for the hunt of buried treasure.

If you have any pirate-themed clothing or cap, that will be the icing on the cake.

  1. Family Picnic

Another fun indoor activity is replicating a family picnic. If you don’t have a picnic basket, a laundry basket is good to go.

You can then add picnic-Esque food items in the basket, and have your toddler help you in the process.

You can also have your toddler pack some food like juice pack, water bottle, biscuit packet, string cheese, paper plate, napkin, etc.

Why your toddler is at this task, you can choose a place that is not usually used for lunch and spread a blanket there.

Then you can proceed to unpack the picnic basket and to have a good day with your toddler.

  1. Movie Time!

When there is no activity that you can resort to, you can always turn to some good movie time.

You should keep a secret stash of movies for such occasions.

Indoor Fun Winter Activities For Toddlers

You can enjoy winter indoor activities to keep a minimum screen time.

Here are some of the marvelous activities you can enjoy.

  • Cardboard tube bear
  • Using foam cups for snowman crafts
  • Macaroni snowflakes
  • Make snow volcano
  • Cave of stars


You can have some play and fun with your kid indoors too. This way, you can give some hands-on attention to your toddlers.

Such activities motivate parents to play with their kids.

Altogether, the indoor play and fun activities for toddlers to break up the boredom of indoors.

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