Is It Safe For Baby to Sleep in Swing For Nap?

Is It Safe For Baby to Sleep in Swing

Usually, young babies need to sleep from 12 to 16 hours daily according to their age requirements. According to research, it is more important to know about the proper place of sleeping.

Parents most often ask is it safe for baby to sleep in the swing in overnight for naps.

Young babies are likely to sleep wherever and whenever they feel sleepy.

They can sleep in their swings, which is really potentially dangerous for them, leading to some injury or even death. A research was conducted to examine the reasons for the demise of young children; showed that most of these casualties took place in a swing.

Most of the children, who died during infancy, died during sleep. It is a great responsibility of parents that they should never leave their young babies unattended in swings.

Even if you see them awake and stop paying attention, young kids can sleep at any moment. It is important that there are safe buckles, and the surfaces are firm and stable. Do check that the buckles have been fastened in a correct manner.

Is It Safe For Baby to Sleep in Swing?


According to doctors, you should not allow your young kids to sleep in anything other than their cots. You should not take along your car seats for your babies to sleep.

It is frightening to note that many of the parents feel secure getting their toddlers in swings when it is not actually safe. Even if the buckles and straps in swings are attached properly, still they are not made to let your child sleep safely.

Parents, especially mothers, have the responsibility of their young children. It is better to take proper care of your kids than lamenting later.

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Things To Be Careful About

They can take care of the following mentioned ways:

  • Never leave your children unattended in swings, even if they are awake.
  • Check properly that the straps and buckles are properly fastened.
  • For young babies, especially, do check that the sitting place is stable.
  • There are some swings where children can change their positions and can cause to block their airway, don’t choose these swings for your infants.
  • Make sure that young children cannot move forward headlong in the swings.
  • Keep your baby positioned in such a manner that you can keep looking at their faces when the swings are on.
  • It is important that you do not make more than one infant sit together in a swing which can accommodate only one infant properly.

You should inculcate a habit in your young children that sleep only in their cots or bed on their backs. This can prevent them from sleeping in any other place than their beds.

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Is it Safe For Baby to Sleep in the Swing in Overnight For Naps?

It is much dangerous as it increases SIDs risks.

If you are using the swing for your baby, then make sure that it follows all safety standards.

The swing needs not to be folded up or tip over easily.

Make sure the baby is lighter than the weight limits of the swing.


According to recent research, more than 50 % of deaths took place due to strangulations from the straps of swings. Rest of the deaths took place due to improper sitting and positioning.

Many parents, who use these swings for their young children, ignore the possible hazards.

A recent study has shown that parents get so relaxed after seating their young kids in swings; in some cases, it took some parents from a few minutes to eleven hours to notice that their kids had expired due to injury in swings.

Thus parents need to think is it safe for baby to sleep in the swing in overnight for naps before getting swings ready for them.

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