What to Do if Your Child Swallows a Penny?

What to Do if Your Child Swallows a Penny

Children have a unique way of exploring their surroundings by touching and feeling different things.

They like to taste new things.

Moreover, they have a habit of swallowing foreign bodies and various small objects.

Babies and toddlers tend to swallow the mysterious objects. Well if you know what to do if your child swallows a penny, then you can overcome the situation efficiently.

What to Do if Your Beloved Child Swallows a Harmful Object or a Penny?

Children put the mysterious things in their mouth and then swallow them. The little ones are too fast, and you might be late in catching up the situation.

The situation demands you to observe your child.

This is an emergency case, and you need to take your child to the emergency room. You will need to get immediate medical care when your child is unable to breathe and is in distress.

How Do I Know if My Infant Swallowed Something?

The situation is much risky if the penny that your child swallowed gets stuck in the esophagus.

Some of the signs that indicate that your child needs medical care are:

  • Difficulty in breathing or talking
  • Unusual sounds while breathing
  • The issue in swallowing. Due to this, the child won’t eat food and refuse every time, no matter how much hungry he is.
  • Coughing excessively
  • Excess saliva
  • Throat, neck or chest pain
  • Gagging
  • Sometimes a fever develops
  • Vomiting

This penny can get stuck in the intestine, which results in tearing the walls of the intestines. Due to this, some blood might also pass in the stool of the child.

How to Know if the Object is Stuck?

Sometimes your child swallows an object or a penny, and it doesn’t get stuck. That object passes in his stool. In contrast, sometimes it gets stuck in the esophagus, which results in distressful symptoms.

What Happens if a Child Swallows a Penny?

The stucked object results in pain in the neck or chest area of your child. Drooling, gagging, excess saliva, and spitting are some of the common symptoms that indicate the penny is stuck in the esophagus.  Also, your kid might signal you an issue in such case by excessive crying. If you suspect that an object is stuck then immediately take your child to the doctor.

What to Do?

If there are no strange symptoms, then you can wait a bit to see the penny passing in the stool. Small coins usually pass in a few days. Going to a pediatrician’s office in a nonemergency situation of coin swallowing is a good idea.

This way, the doctor will do a checkup of your child and let you know if you need to do anything at the moment.

Also, visit the doctor if you aren’t sure that your child swallowed something or not.

Avoid sweeping your finger in the child’s throat or mouth to get the penny out. This is because such actions can result in getting the penny stuck or result in more damage.

Treatment of Child Swallowing a Penny

Swallowing small objects is a common issue with the toddlers.

Get your child to the pediatrician in such case as he will evaluate the situation by doing an X-ray first.

The imaging tests of the X-ray confirm the location of the stock penny. The doctor will immediately remove the penny if it got stuck in the esophagus. This is done to avoid the penny damaging the esophagus or ending up in the windpipe.  

The treatment will be done with anesthesia in an operating room.

The doctor will wait and won’t hurry up for treatment if the penny is in intestine or stomach.

He will wait for the penny to pass with the stool, and if that doesn’t happen in 3 to 5 days, then the doctor will perform follow-up X-rays.

If you see blood in your child’s stool or find your kid vomiting, and having abdominal pain, then immediately call your pediatrician. Such things indicate that there is some damage while waiting for the coin to be passed out

The Child Swallowed Coin How Long to Pass?

This is a panic situation. Almost 80% of the time the penny passes on and causes no damage.

The coins with soft edges come out with stool within two days.

Well, you need to keep an eye on your toddler as this can be an emergency if your child is unable to speak, breath or you see him vomiting or coughing continuously

It is advised not to self medicate your child as this can make the situation worse.

Thus do seek the doctors advise.

First Aid When Child Swallows a Penny

Don’t make your child vomit if you feel he has swallowed a penny. Also, don’t give him anything to drink or eat.

Observe your child minutely and check for the penny is passed in the stool or not.

In such a situation, you can feed him fibrous and soft food like a banana.

Also, keep your toddler hydrated by making him drink a lot of water. Due to a hydrated body, he won’t have any difficulties passing the penny with the stool.  

What Happens if a Kid Swallows a Battery or a Magnet?

What Happens if a Kid Swallows a Battery or a Magnet

Swallowing of battery results in the burning holes in the esophagus.

There is hazardous chemical in batteries that can cause severe harm to your child’s digestive system.

Magnets and sharp objects are also much dangerous.

They most often stuck to the bowel and this way cause a blockage.

Your child will have symptoms quite similar to the abdominal problems in such a case.

Safety Tips

Do not let your child play with money, not make him pay any bill.

Avoid letting your toddler play with tiny objects.

Especially the toys that have removable parts as your child can swallow such elements, and they can get stuck in his system.

Keep an eye on your child if you take him somewhere outside.

Final Words

Kids explore their world by putting various object in their mouth.

Pennies are much dangerous for toddlers and knowing what to do if your child swallows a penny will be much helpful for you in many emergencies.

Try to remain calm and also keep your toddler calm in this hectic situation. Also, seek your pediatrician advise.

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