What Not To Do With a Newborn Baby?

What Not To Do With a Newborn Baby

Parents are usually really excited to celebrate the first birthdays of their firstborn children.

This excitement makes them choose some extravagant things which are not required.

Getting the most gigantic and big-budgeted cake, goody packs and hiring a clown are the things not actually needed.

Though it all sounds good and appears to be an appropriate way to celebrate their baby’s first birthday; parents give it a second thought.

The most important point is that your baby will not remember it at all; instead, he will not remember anything unless he is four years old.

What Not To Do With a Baby?

It does not make sense that parents extravagant expenses for an event which their baby will not remember at all.

You can plan the baby shower on a budget too.

Parents should save this money for the time when their baby would be able to enjoy and remember the event.

Parents who have spent lavishly on the early birthdays of their eldest baby should not be repeating this extravagance on the birthday parties of their second or third children.

They should save money for a special birthday event when their child turns sixteen or any special one when he is excited about the birthday party.

Expensive Baby Diapers

Parents in their excitement of having their first-born try to buy all the branded products, even the wipes, and diapers.

They are prone to get attracted by all the products advertised on the TV and believe that buying high-priced products is the right choice.

They should consider before spending lavishly on the diapers that they are soon going to be a part of the garbage. These are the products to clean the waste materials of their babies, and they can be bought for a lesser amount as well.

When the parents have their second baby, they understand that expensive products do not guarantee quality.

They need to use innumerable diapers for the potty training period of their baby; spending enough money does not prove to be valuable.

Even the unbranded products can also serve the purpose well.

They should save money for something functional and refreshing for the family.

Indecisive New Parents

The sense of responsibility in parents, who have their first-born, makes them doubtful and lesser confident.

Their minds are full of doubts, even when they follow the decision making the procedure quite logically. Whatever they do, they feel that there is a great possibility of making the wrong choice.

No such books and literature are easily available for these anxious parents.

Resultantly, they have to follow the advice of other experienced parents; or they have to follow their instincts for taking care of their new-born.

It takes time to gain this confidence in making the right decisions.

The experience with the first-born will somehow be the same, but parents can learn all these lessons and add to their experience for taking care of their next baby.

If the second baby is born after a few years, parents should not make it a new experience altogether. They should avail the confidence they had gained after raising their first baby.

They should believe in their abilities; they were doubtful in raising their first one, but their choices proved to be the right ones.

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Changing The Home Routine Altogether

Parents at times get much anxious in taking proper care of their new-born that they feel like changing everything for him. It seems a dramatic situation that parents change every pace of their activities altogether.

They change even the things that were considered perfectly normal before the birth of their first baby.

They try to stop every activity and possible noise around to make their first-born have a sound nap.

They do not even mind getting rid of their favorite pets; as they fear that these pets may not hurt their new-born. They get excited enough that they get ready to manage their schedules according to the needs of their new baby.

Parents should change a few things to accommodate their new one, but they should not be changing each and everything important to them a little earlier.

They should think of sending away their pet only when he gets aggressive.

Parents should not be changing their schedules for the baby because sooner or later, he has to follow this pattern.

They should train their new-born to sleep even in some noisy place because managing a pin-drop silence is hard to maintain; otherwise, every time there would be some noise he would get up and eventually will not be able to have a proper sleep.

When they get your second baby, they should try avoiding the mistakes that they made with the first-born.

By now, they should have learned that managing schedules, some sounds, and keeping pets are good.

Extravagant Baby Furniture

Parents are usually excited to arrange an adorable bedroom for their first-born.

They want to have the best quality or branded products like changing tables, cribs, and strollers as a gift for their fresh addition to the family.

They need to spend on baby furniture as it is sold at high prices.

They should not be spending lavishly on these products as they are soon going to be outgrown and resold. It will be displaced or put in the storeroom until the birth of the second baby.

Parents who do not wish to have a second baby have to throw out this expensive furniture.

They should do a favor to themselves by choosing the furniture that is not overpriced because soon they will have to discard it, no matter how expensive or good quality it had.

Wrong Preferences Regarding Medical Advice

The new parents seem to be anxious for each and everything that an experienced parent can overlook easily.

The internet seems to be the easiest source to seek medical advice for the new-born.

Dr. Google seems to be the most comfortable choice for them, but the timely convenience proves to be harmful later. If they give symptoms of a mild cough, Dr. Google can even turn with the possibility of some incurable disease.

Anyone can imagine the plight of the parents who have been told that their new-born is suffering from some incurable virus.

Instead of making such wild attempts to diagnose the medical condition of their baby from the internet, the new parents should consult the pediatrician for any medical advice.

This advice is for the parents who have just got their first-born; parents who have their second or third child can assess that the suggestion of Dr. Google to be appropriate or not.

The first and sensible advice for the parents is that they consult the doctor instead of being misguided.

What Not To Do With a Newborn Baby?

Parents tend to be over-anxious and concerned about everything related to their newborn. You can find them freaking out and being panicked by the slightest indication of a cough or sneezing.

They react in this way because they are not familiar with such conditions and tend to overreact.

New parents tend to be extra cautious about saving their newborn from anything that could be harmful to him. Usually, they overdo. It is essential to have some precautions, but every new thing is not going to harm their new one.

They spend much of the memorable moments of getting anxious and being extra cautious.

Being first-time parents, they can be excused for overreacting to situations; but they should remember these learned lessons for the future.

Till the time they get their second baby, they should have got learn which situation needs their due attention and which can easily be overlooked.

They should learn to enjoy the beautiful moments with their young babies instead of protecting them from each and everything new.

The young babies need to be carefully introduced to the world where they are going to reside from now on.

Abundance Of Toys For The Baby

Parents usually tend to spend lavishly for the best and the overpriced toys of their first-borns.

They love to keep collecting the new variety of toys until the time that no more space is left.

They hardly give it a second thought that it is worth it or they are just spoiling their baby.

According to Bertrand Russel, children should not be given everything they wish to; they cannot value them unless they have to wait for them.

Parents should not believe it to be their duty to buy every new toy available in the market.

They need to know that their baby, who is less than three years of age, is hardly going to remember anything about their lavish collection of toys for him.

Babies are innocent souls, and they have no idea that they have been given a branded toy or not.

You can find them playing with the packing box instead of the expensive toy within.


The first-time parents do some strange things in their excitement of having a new addition to the family soon they should realize their mistakes and try to overcome them.

It is natural for the parents to be excited and overwhelmed with joy.

Still, they do not need to send invitations to the whole community.

Brands and their prices hold no value for their newborn; they should enjoy these memorable moments with their little ones instead of being obsessed with new or expensive products.

All in all, parents need to know what to do and what not to do with a baby.

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